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ThermaSol is the one that all others have followed since 1958. (MORE) In the history of steam generators, we’re the originators and no one else has made history more frequently, more consistently. Year after year we have been at the forefront of innovation, and the pinnacle of luxury… all through the depth of our engineering. We have countless firsts and unparalleled technology that continually leads in providing the ultimate home and commercial spa experience. (LESS)

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Residential Steam Showers
Mulit-Sensory Experience
Benefits of Steam Showers
Industry Leaders

Residential steam components are designed to convert existing home shower spaces into a home spa with steam shower. The system generates and distributes steam into the shower enclosure as a complement to the normal bathroom shower. The basic components of a system include a steam generator, control panel and steam head. Click HERE for product information.

Multi-Sensory Experience

ThermaSol technology can fuse steam with scent, sound, light, visualization and water to create an elevated spa experience that touches the senses.

All ThermaSol’s residential steam heads come with an integral, internal aromatherapy oil well to diffuse essential oil with the steam into a shower enclosure.

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The all new Serenity Light, Sound and rain Head module combines light, chromatherapy, sound, music and gentle falling water to deliver a multi-sensory steam shower experience into one relaxing session.

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ThermaSol introduces the ThermaTouch control with Tranquility feature, a new visualization experience to help calm the senses. The in-shower LCD touchscreen has nine unique “destination” scenes to choose from. With a built-in video processor, the Tranquility mode combines imagery and sound themes from nature to project a more relaxing steam environment.

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For centuries people have relied on the restorative power of water to sooth pain and remedy illness. Conventional uses of hydrotherapy are known to help stimulate circulation, tone body tissues, alleviate pain, relax nerves and enhance overall well-being.



Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils that are sourced from aromatic plants and flowers. These oils stimulate the sense of smell and are absorbed through the skin. Rejuvenating scents are believed to improve mood and promote wellness.



Music has long been known to affect the mood and aid in relaxation.



This alternative healing method uses color and light to balance energy wherever the body is lacking. The underlying principle is that certain colors or the absence of colors can affect your body and mood.



Tranquil imagery can help create a calm and meditative environment to relax the mind and body.

Health and Wellness

Steam showers provide a relaxing atmosphere of moist heat that promotes health and wellness. In addition to comfort and a positive influence on mood, steam has therapeutic benefits for the muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.


Muscle Relaxation

Steam showers generate moist, heat which widens blood vessels releasing tension in aching muscles by allowing more oxygen to flow through the muscle tissue.


Respiratory Health

Those suffering from respiratory problems find relief in steam therapy as it soothes throat irritation, loosens phlegm in the lungs and loosens mucous.


Skin Rejuvenation

Steam hydrates the skin pores and more efficient blood circulation from a steam shower gives skin a healthy glow.



The soothing warmth of steam opens pores. Sweating profusely, the skin on the body releases toxins from everyday living.


Stress Relief

The heat and moisture combination in steam rooms offer a relaxing atmosphere to calm the mind and lower stress levels.


Better Sleep

There is a correlation between steam therapy and quality sleep patterns. Relaxing for 20 minutes at the end of the day in a steam shower regulates the body’s core temperature and increases blood flow.


The Science of Steam

Scientific studies support centuries of traditional steam use.

  • According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), steam inhalation alleviates the symptoms of cold and nasal congestion. The study was conducted at the Common Cold Unit at Harvard Hospital and published in the “British Medical Journal” in 1989
  • A research study performed at the University of Munich’s Institute of Medical Balneology and Climatology also found that steam therapy is useful to those with asthma, allergies, bronchitis and sinusitis.
  • A study conducted by H.I. Robins at the University of Wisconsin found that the “mood states of cancer patients following whole-body hyperthermia show a significant improvement in depression.” This was attributed to the increased B-endorphins, the same endorphins released with exercise.
  • Long-term steam room use may help lower blood pressure and improve heart function, according to researchers at the Department of Internal Medicine and Biocenter at the University of Oulu in Finland.

Why Thermasol is the Industry Leader

ThermaSol is the ORIGINAL steam shower manufacturer and continues to develop product at the forefront of the industry.

ThermaSol has a 55-year tradition of steam industry firsts, beginning with the creation of the first residential steam bath in 1958 and continuing today with the launch of the Serenity

Light, Sound, Rain Head and the ThermaTouch 7” LCD touchscreen controller with Tranquility scenes - all designed to bring a new multi-sensory experience to the home spa.

Some of our most innovative technologies through the years include SmartSteam™, FastStart™, Whisper Quiet, retractable steam heads and Infrared Sensing Technology. We’re the only manufacturer that offers matching controls and steam head styles to fit the aesthetic of the bathroom fittings and space.

Through it all, ThermaSol has emerged as an iconic industry leader, innovating the most technologically advanced steam shower products to provide the most serene spa experience possible.

SmartSteam™ (patented)

Alleviates annoying temperature fluctuations. Produces the precise volume of steam required to maintain your desired room temperature by metering the output of power.

FastStart™ (patented)

Steam in seconds, not 4 to 8 minutes. Feature can be disabled for vacation homes using a ThermaTouch or Signature control.

Whisper Quiet, Constant Steam at a Constant Rate (patented)

A constant flow of steam that prevents irritating steam lags and bursts.

Retractable Steam Head (patented)

Thermostatically controlled function automatically retracts the steam head back into the shower wall when not in use. Steam head includes an integral aromatherapy reservoir.

Infrared Sensing Technology (patent pending)

Reads temperature more accurately and faster than standard contact temperature sensors. A standard feature with the ThermaTouch and MicroTouch controls.

ThermaTouch Control and Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head

The ThermaTouch is an in-shower, 7” LCD touchscreen control of the steam environment - the industry’s largest and brightest touchscreen control and the only steam control with a built-in video processor. When used with the Serenity module, the ThermaTouch controls shower environment light, color, chromatherapy options, music, and Tranquility scenes. There are nine unique Tranquility “destination” scenes that combine imagery and sounds from nature for a more relaxing steam session.