Your Steam Shower Questions Answered

December 11, 2020 | Tips & How-To

It seems you can’t open a magazine these days and not see or read something about health, wellness and self-care. It’s as if the entire universe has discovered what we’ve been touting since 1958 when we invented the first residential steam shower generator – welcome to our world!! If you are considering adding a smart shower to your bathroom – whether you’re doing a retrofit or a renovation, you might have some questions.

We’ve tried to answer some of the questions we get pretty regularly but if you have additional questions, we hope you’ll reach out to us. And if you find that you’re interested in adding a steam shower and/or Smart Shower to your home, we recommend you check out our new Configurator tool on our website that easily helps you choose your custom wellness package!

Can anyone use a steam shower?

Steam showers are generally considered to be safe and beneficial to your health, but some health conditions may preclude an individual from using one. Pregnant women and young children should not use a steam shower. If you have any health conditions, we recommend asking your doctor before using or installing a steam shower.

How does a steam shower work and how long does it take to generate steam?

The steam generator boils water to release the vapor into your shower (we know you are flashing back to your science classes now). Our engineers tackled this with the invention of our FastStart™ system. We developed a way to keep water in the tank at just the right temperature before steam is created. When the steam session is started, steam will flow to the room in a fraction of the time.

Isn’t that inefficient?

We’ve thought of that also. FastStart deactivates if the generator is not used in 7 days, but will reactivate upon use. For periods of time when a daily steam session is not desired or when a user is looking for energy efficiencies, the Fast Start function can be disabled or set to “green” power saving mode.

What about water usage – does a steam shower use more water?

We are happy to report that steam showers are eco-friendly; using just 2 gallons for a 20-minute steam!

Can I fit a Steam Shower in My Bathroom?

This is one of the most common questions we hear – and usually the answer is YES! The basic components of a steam shower include the shower stall itself, the steam generator, the system controls, your existing showerhead or a new one, and the steamhead. You can also easily retrofit your bathroom for steam. So how do you figure out (a) whether you have the room, and (b) just how big a generator you will need? We are so glad you asked.

Our very easy-to-use Configurator will give you your options in a flash – all you need to know are the dimensions of your room (length, width, height) – try it:

Once you know which generator works, you can move on from there to completely personalize your shower.

Okay but where does the generator go?

Our generators can be installed up to 50 feet from the steam shower. Our PRO Series can be installed in a closet, vanity, or even a heated attic or basement. Each unit incorporates industrial grade stainless steel for its interior and exterior construction. Features include: split-tank technology that enhances performance and lifespan, superior incoloy heating elements, Auto PowerFlush inner tank cleaning system and SmartSteam™, the company’s patented innovation that saves energy and puts an end to annoying temperature fluctuations. User experience and controls are accessed through an integrated 100% digital, fully networked system.

Is any shower usable?

You do need to be careful about a few things as steam can damage certain materials more than water. We recommend using a non-porous surface, like tile, as natural stone may be susceptible to damage. You will need to ensure that the enclosure is completely watertight – the shower must be completely enclosed by an insulated and watertight door. A steam shower door requires a special gasket to keep the steam from escaping.

Drainage is critical – the floor must be graded and equipped with a proper drain – we recommend consulting with a professional.

We also recommend using either a textured tile for the floor or adding anti-skid strips to prevent slipping.

The ceiling should be gently sloped to avoid moisture build-up and finally, any windows must be double-paned.

There are so many options – how do I know which are right for me?

ThermaSol’s newly released Configurator is a tool that guides you step by step, experience by experience, to help provide anyone with the tools to build, specify and customize a shower installation to create the perfect wellness environment. Its strength is in its simplicity. As Mitch Altman, the CEO of ThermaSol said, “Using our Configurator, customers can choose, down to the smallest detail, every component and finish–all with the goal of providing a personalized daily wellness routine.”  You can try it here:

We hope we’ve answered most of your questions – and have hopefully enticed you to add a steam shower to your home –  but if you have more questions, we hope you’ll reach out to us here.

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