Your Guide to Different Types of Shower Steam Generators

April 29, 2024 | Tips & How-To

Behind every amazing steam shower is an equally great generator. Whether you want to enhance your current shower set-up or change things up entirely, you’ll need a durable and reliable shower steam generator to get the job done. That’s why ThermaSol is here to help you find the right generator for your needs and create a steam shower you’ll never want to leave.

What Is a Shower Steam Generator? Why Get One?

A shower steam generator is just what it sounds like a device that creates steam to transform a regular shower into a steam shower. In most cases, a shower steam generator works by heating up water and then distributing the steam it makes throughout the shower space. They can be placed in your bathroom or in a nearby closet, vanity, etc. to save some space.

Adding a steam generator to your shower – or opting for a total steam shower overhaul – is a simple but effective way to vamp up your wellness routine. Steam is known for its relaxing benefits and can even help you address concerns like muscle tension, congestion and respiratory issues. 

No matter what self-care or wellness goals you have, it’s likely that a steam shower can help you achieve them. 

3 Types of Shower Steam Generators from ThermaSol

Not all shower steam generators are made equal. For the best experience, you’ll want to choose a generator that produces steam quickly and consistently. At ThermaSol, we use steam generators with split-tank technology so that you get the same great experience every time.

In addition to split tanks, all ThermaSol steam generators have:

  • A “no questions asked” lifetime warranty
  • The latest digital technology
  • Access to parts and labor for two years at home and for life at our factory
  • Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) nervous systems, which enable all connected ThermaSol devices to communicate intelligently
  • Constant steam at a constant rate
  • Designs that offer longevity
  • FastStart Technology – get access to steam in seconds, not minutes

Even within our PRO Series(™) line, there are a few types of steam generators to choose from. Let’s take a closer look at each. 

Pro Series I

  • Best For: Smaller, simple steam showers
  • Coverage: 84 to 395 cubic feet 

Our Pro Series(™) I generator model combines state-of-the-art technology with ThermaSol durability. Each model is crafted with industrial-grade stainless steel and uses our exclusive energy efficiency tech to function at its best for years. While it may be our most basic option, it certainly still has plenty to offer. 

Pro Series(™) II

  • Best For: Larger steam showers and regular users
  • Coverage: 84 to 1200 cubic feet

Our Pro Series(™) II model is a step up in terms of area coverage and features provided. It introduces our revolutionary PowerFlush technology, the most advanced cleaning system in a steam generator. Most steam shower generators use a drain gravity system for internal cleaning, but those systems don’t completely eliminate sediment.

ThermaSol’s Pro Series(™) II generator uses a pressurized inner tank system to blast sediment out of your system for good. That means a longer lifespan, less maintenance, and better showers.

Pro Series (™) III

  • Best For: Any steam shower
  • Coverage: 84 to 1200 cubic feet

Last but not least is our Pro Series(™) III generator, which features all the benefits from our other two models and then some. It’s the only steam generator on the market to feature our patented Smart Steam technology, which gives you consistent control over temperature and comfort with each shower. 

The Pro Series(™) III model also includes our PowerFlush cleaning system and a stainless steel drain pan to keep it functioning at its best. When you choose ThermaSol, you’ll never need to buy another steam generator again. 

How to Choose the Right Generator for Your Needs

As you look for the best steam generator for your shower, make sure you take features and size into account. For ceilings up to 8 feet tall, you can use our simple sizing formula to ensure you pick the right generator:

  • Shower length x width x height = Total Cubic Feet of Shower Space

Note: For ceilings, 8 to 9 feet tall, choose the next size generator. For 9 to 10-foot ceilings, go up two sizes. Finally, for ceilings more than 10 feet, please reach out to our team for assistance.

Are you still unsure which generator is for you, or do you want to learn more about ThermaSol steam shower kits? Read more about our steam generator line, or check out our full collection of home steam shower solutions to view your options.

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