Annual Wellness Plan

January 22, 2021 | Tips & How-To

Ringing in the new year is the traditional time to rethink and reassess your wellness plan and establish healthy goals for the coming year. Goals can be hard to set (and meet), but that doesn’t stop people from trying every year and we applaud their efforts. We’ve always valued the importance of health and self-care – we’ve been espousing the benefits of steam since 1958; our product offerings have changed but our mission remains the same – good health and personalized wellness programs should be the norm.

Looking towards 2021, we present a few ideas to help motivate your inner wellness coach!

Set Goals

In order to get an idea of what you can improve on and help you stay on track, it is a good idea to write down goals you want to accomplish, both short-term and long-term. Keep your goals simple and achievable (we would all love to become billionaires with six-pack abs, but making your goals realistic such as adding a set amount to your savings plan each month or working out a set amount of time per week is more attainable and will thus make you more successful and keep you motivated.)

Stay Accountable

It is a good idea to track your progress in your journal to determine if your wellness plan is helpful and working (as the whole point is to make your life better!) Are you feeling happier and more content? Do you feel physically stronger and with more stamina? If your goals include weight loss, is it working? Try to tweak based on your results and needs, reaching out for support if you need it.

Determine the Right Type of Exercise and Nutrition

No one doubts the benefits of exercise, but your doctor can advise on what is the most beneficial and safe based on your age, weight and health conditions. The same goes for nutrition, so it is a good idea to consult with your doctor (for instance, did you know most people do not get enough Vitamin D in the winter months, which can lead to depression and lethargy?)

Determine what your physical goals are, whether it be building strength in your core or upper body, or increasing endurance and stamina, or just keeping your heart as healthy as possible. There are many helpful online resources and articles (but be sure to check the source!), or you might want to seek out a personal trainer or health coach.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep

We’ve previously written about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep and ways to help with that because sleep is important! While everyone’s specific sleep needs may differ, the CDC recommends getting at least 7 hours per night for adults.

Adjust Your Personal Wellness Plan

Discussing your wellness plan annually with your doctor is important to make sure you are making any necessary or recommended adjustments. Assessing once a year is a good idea so your doctor can track changes over time.

We hope these tips help you achieve better health and wellness. Let us know your 2021 wellness plans in the comments!

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