Upgrade Your Steam Shower With These 5 Accessories

April 2, 2021 | Tips & How-To

The benefits of steam showers have been well-established for centuries. In ancient Greece, warm water vapors were thought to have supernatural healing abilities — and they played a starring role in Cleopatra’s beauty routine.

The Romans were the first to bring steam therapy to the public. Thermal centers called “Sanus per Aquam” — the original spas — became an integral part of everyday healthcare. They were used for everything from day-to-day relaxation to treating specific medical conditions.

Modern research supports many of these early health-promoting claims. According to studies, steam baths can:

  • Improve circulation and lower blood pressure
  • Loosen stiff joints and sore muscles, reducing pain and increasing flexibility
  • Treat congestion in the sinuses and lungs
  • Encourage faster wound healing and help treat skin conditions like acne
  • Lower stress and boost immunity

With today’s residential steam shower equipment, you can benefit from hydrotherapy right in the comfort of your own home. But the practice itself has moved far beyond the days of Roman public baths. There’s a wide range of steam shower accessories available that brings your experience to a whole new level — and elevates its impacts even more.

5 Steam Shower Accessories that Enhance Your Home-Spa Experience

Customizing your home steam shower lends extra luxury and utility to your personal sanctuary. But the right accessories can also amplify its health and wellness benefits.

‌With sleek designs and fool-proof controls, these additions are as easy on the eyes as they are to install.

Easy Start Control

A personal steam shower is a place to fully quiet your racing mind. Nothing supports this goal more than automating the equipment to anticipate your preferences.

‌With an easy-start control, you can program every steam session to your exact liking, from its temperature to duration as well as smart shower amenities like sound and lighting. The easy-to-use interface brings effortless functionality to your at-home steam routine, with:

  • Up to 50 feet of controller access
  • Two unique user settings
  • A range of designer finishes to complement your décor

Comfort-Boosting Shower Seats‌

This simple addition transforms your home steam room into a spa-worthy lounge. But shower seats bring practicality as well. As your muscles relax, having a comfortable seat allows you to fully sink into the steam experience without getting fatigued — especially during longer therapeutic sessions.

‌Depending on your steam shower’s size, you can opt for a built-in corner seat or a space-saving pull-down model. Just make sure you choose a shower seat that can easily support your routine with:

  • Weight support up to 500 pounds
  • ADA-compliant structural strength
  •  Natural moisture, mildew, and decay resistance thanks to materials like bamboo and aluminum

Tone-Setting Shower Speakers

Music is known to naturally lift our moods, help us focus, and reduce stress. Research also shows that music therapy improves outcomes for a variety of health concerns, from pain management to better immunity.

‌Self-powered Bluetooth speakers add this musical touch to your home steam experience. This easy add-on requires no additional equipment — you just set the tune from any Bluetooth-compatible device or audio system. With plenty of design options to choose from, these speakers also effectively weather your shower’s vapor and temperatures.

Atmospheric Shower Lights

Adjustable lighting allows you to set the right tone for every steam shower, whether you’re after a bright start to the day or want to unwind in a dimmer ambiance. What setting you select alters how the light reflects across your shower’s mist. This can create dramatic effects.

‌Quality shower lighting brings aesthetics, energy efficiency, and personalization alike, with features including:

  • Advanced LED technology
  • Soft, dimmable light adjustable up to 450 lumens
  • Total temperature and vapor-resistance

Therapuetic Aromatherapy‌

Scents extend your steam bath into a full sensory experience. But beyond heightening relaxation, aromatherapy may also offer psychological and physical benefits.

‌While using plant-based aromas therapeutically is a centuries-old tradition, a growing body of research links high-quality essential oils with:

  • Stress reduction and mood elevation
  • Improved sleep and breathing quality
  • Stronger immune system function

A steam shower is an ideal delivery system for this aromatherapy. You simply add your favorite oil to the steam head reservoir, infusing the scent right into your session. Make sure you check with your doctor that essential oils are safe for you, and choose from uplifting scents like:

  • Calming, relaxing French lavender
  • Stimulating Portuguese eucalyptus
  • Calming, memory-boosting French rosemary
  • Skin purifying and sleep-promoting Italian neroli

Transform Your Steam Shower Experience

Whether you’re looking for more personalization or control or to maximize your smart shower capabilities, steam shower accessories enhance the entire home spa experience.

Get in touch with our team at ThermaSol to get the most out of your steam bath unit. We’ll help you select the right combination of steam room equipment that aligns with your needs and preferences.

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