How to Upgrade Your Bathroom with the Best Accessories

July 17, 2020 | Inspiration, Tips & How-To

We are living in a glorious time of options unlike ever before, from countless TV programs and food delivery apps, to beauty products and of course bath accessories and products to ensure your bathing experience is as personalized as possible.

The real question is how to decide which products are the best, and how to incorporate them into your space. At ThermaSol, we know a thing or two about bathroom upgrades and accessories that not only look great, but work to improve your lifestyle and space.

Consider our list below of high-quality accessories that will upgrade your bathroom.


Every bathroom needs a mirror, and thanks to technological advancements there are many to choose from in a variety of styles with features such as LED lighting and fog-free capabilities so you never have to wait for the steam from a shower to subside before shaving or applying makeup. We have a line of fog-free mirrors in a variety of styles that are ideal to complement any bathroom decor.

Shower speakers

Do you like to rock out in your shower and sing your heart out, or perhaps listen to gentle and soothing sounds? Studies have shown the effect of sound on our mood and wellbeing, which is why you might consider incorporating sound in your shower with waterproof speakers. Some speakers are even integrated with Bluetooth capability to sync with your phone, such as the Self-Powered Bluetooth Speakers by ThermaSol, which are custom installed right into the shower wall and connected to the in-wall power source without the need to be charged, and available in 15 finishes.

Our Serenity Light and Sound System is also integrated with high-performance trilinear sub-woofer speakers with high-frequency drivers and a high-efficiency, class D amplifier for the highest-quality, crystal clear sound.


Does the main light in your bathroom cast a harsh glow on your face when you are trying to get ready in the morning, or create a stark brightness that throws off the relaxing mood your are trying to create in the bathroom? Check out our tips on how to light your bathroom, which include suggestions on installing water-tight recessed lighting that can be deliberately placed in areas that need extra light while offering a clean, streamlined look, and preventing harsh lines while looking in the mirror by installing two sconces on both sides of your mirror to create an even glow across your face

To improve the overall mood of your shower experience, you might also consider installing dimmable shower lights with energy-efficient LED technology, like these, available in 15 finishes. Or if you prefer colorful lighting, choose our Serenity Light and Sound System, integrated with a full spectrum of LED lighting to suit any color preference or mood.

Shower seats

When enjoying a relaxing steam shower, take a load off with shower seats by ThermaSol, made from bamboo that is naturally resistant to moisture, mildew and decay, available in a pull-down seat and a corner seat. The seat folds up flush against the wall of the shower so it doesn’t take up unnecessary space when not in use.

Spa pillow

Relaxing in the tub can be the ideal way to unwind at the end of the day, so rest that tired head on a comfy bath pillow. We like those designed with ergonomic support for the neck and back, made with quick-drying, antimicrobial covers.

Towel bars with shelves

Why go with a boring towel bar that only hangs your towel when you could order one with helpful extra storage? Choose from a variety of towel bars with functional shelves to get organization and towel drying in one! Consider this stylish towel bar with a tempered glass shelf from solid brass bath accessories brand GINGER.

What are your favorite bathroom accessories? Let us know!

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