5 Ways to Turn Your House into a Smart Home

January 4, 2023 | Smart Spa, Tips & How-To

By now we are all familiar with the term “smart home.” From the front door to the kitchen, basement, bathroom and patio­ ­– there is a wide selection of products designed to integrate seamlessly into every room in your home – keeping you safe and generally making life more stress-free.

Today, turning your house into a smart home has never been easier. As we head into 2023, we’ve put together a few ways to help you get started transforming your house into a smart home.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are one of the most widely adopted home technologies, as they are easy to install and program – delivering optimal comfort while saving energy. Some smart thermostats let you set the ideal temperature anywhere since they may be programmed remotely from a smart device like a phone, ipad or computer. Programming your HVAC system when you are home, away or sleeping will ultimately save you money every month on heating and cooling bills.

Home Security & Video Doorbells

Homeowners can feel safe and at ease by keeping a watchful eye on their humble abode, especially while they’re away. Smart home security systems give homeowners the ability to set their alarm, lock/unlock their doors and access live security footage at any time, ensuring their home is safe and packages are delivered securely. And added features like a video doorbell system allow you to welcome and talk to guests whether you’re home or unable to answer the door.

Smart Lighting

Many homeowners already are saving energy by upgrading from conventional light bulbs to LEDs. Now smart bulbs and LED-integrated fixtures, like ThermaSol’s In-shower lights, allow you to control and dim lights wirelessly using your phone, tablet or smart device for seamless automation no matter where you are.

Smart Audio Systems

Smart audio systems marry your favorite playlists with a premium stereo listening experience, so you immerse yourself in music anywhere in your home. Connect to Alexa or Google play with Bluetooth speakers like ThermaSol’s in-shower Bluetooth speakers – allowing you to jam out to your favorite song while washing off the day.

Health & Wellness

Technology brings health & wellness closer to home from apps that measures your steps, weight or food intake to delivering a spa experience right in your own bathroom. ThermaSol’s smart shower systems delivers the multi-sensory powers of water, sound, steam and light into your bathroom in a completely programmable system. Control every aspect of your shower and steam experience with ThermaSol’s smart controls and steam and shower packages.

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