Top 4 Health Benefits of a Sauna

April 16, 2024 | Wellness Seeker

You’ve probably heard that saunas can be incredibly healing, but just how much truth is behind this assumption? There’s a good reason that saunas are so beloved, and it’s not just their serenity. Plenty of research into the health benefits of a sauna demonstrates that there’s far more to these wellness staples than meets the eye.

We took a dive into current scientific literature to get the scoop on what health benefits a sauna can offer to its user. Studies show time and time again that not only are saunas relaxing, but they’re also genuinely therapeutic for many people. By mimicking some of the physiological effects of exercise (like raising your body temperature or heart rate), saunas are able to offer some pretty impressive perks.

1. Lower Blood Pressure

Researchers have known about the potential benefits of a sauna for people with high blood pressure for decades. Long-term sauna use has been shown to potentially help lower blood pressure and improve heart function. 

Of course, a sauna on its own isn’t necessarily a “treatment” for high blood pressure, but it seems that regular sauna use can help support a healthy cardiovascular system. When combined with smart lifestyle choices and proper medical care, a sauna can be a useful tool for staying on track with your health goals.

2. Cardiovascular Health Benefits

Blood pressure improvements and heart function aren’t the only potential health benefits a sauna offers your cardiovascular system. 

One study that examined the impacts of sauna use over 21 years found that participants who used a sauna most frequently – four to seven times a week – had the lowest risk of fatal heart disease. 

Longer sauna sessions were also linked to a lower risk of fatal cardiovascular disease. This supports the notion that the benefits of sauna time for your heart can be quite significant.

3. Pain Relief

Slipping into a nice, warm shower can instantly loosen tight joints and muscles.

Studies suggest that sauna bathing can also effectively lower pain symptoms, particularly those related to musculoskeletal disorders like osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. This benefit also extends to other parts of the body, as regular sauna use has been shown to help relievechronic tension-type headaches.

4. Stress Relief

Saunas are known for being relaxing and grounding, which makes them wonderful tools for managing excess stress. Sit back, take a deep breath and let the stressors of the day melt away. 

Since stress is closely related to a myriad of health issues, both psychological and physical, it goes without saying that keeping it in check is a must. And while there are all kinds of ways to address stress, a sauna is unique in its ability to affect your body and mind. Simply knowing you’re doing something good for yourself can be enough to improve your mood and leave you feeling ready to conquer anything that comes your way.

Using a sauna doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions; it can be an integral part of your health and wellness routine. What better way to put your body first than by intentionally spending time connecting with it? 

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