ThermaSol a Proud Sponsor of Convo By Design’s “A Moment of Zen”

October 16, 2020 | News

ThermaSol is a proud sponsor of Convo By Design, a podcast and design resource by Josh Cooperman, dedicated to showcasing stories, content strategies and daily inspiration from designers, architects, artists and those shaping the way we live. ThermaSol was featured on a Convo By Design podcast about Smart Homes, which you can check out here


The panel addresses pressing questions about integrated Smart Home technology

If every product in a home is “smart,” how does a designer work with clients to prioritize the scale of importance, given how many product choices are available?

If the goal is to provide true, useful, intuitive smart home solutions that go beyond what a client says they want versus what their lifestyle actually requires, what are the considerations that have to happen in order to fully integrate technology and design?

Josh Cooperman of Convo x Design hosted the panel which also featured Designer John McClain of John McClain Design, Tech Integrator Dave Raines of Osbee Industries and Patrick Weidl of ThermaSol as they offered real-world examples of how applied technology can create meaningful personalized solutions for clients.

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