The Ultimate Steam Shower Checklist: What to Know Before You Buy

January 31, 2024 | Tips & How-To

In our daily lives, the bathroom serves as a key space that allows us to relax and decompress from the day. Interior designers and home builders alike have seen a shift in bathroom trends, moving away from simplicity and embracing innovation and luxury. From hotel-inspired spa wet rooms to digitally-loaded smart showers, creating the ideal wellness experience within the comfort of the home is key.  

If you are planning a bathroom or shower renovation project, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to incorporate the latest innovative steam shower features. A steam shower can not only enhance your overall health, but also transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat that can be part of your daily routine. With numerous technologies and options available, we’ve compiled everything you need to guide you in creating a wellness sanctuary that suits your needs perfectly. 

1. Determining the Shower Space

From the size of the shower to insulation and sealing, every factor involves careful consideration when designing your perfect steam shower. To begin, determine an ideal location and size, and measure the space accordingly.

2. Ensure Proper Ventilation

A key part in the design process is to make sure your shower space is well ventilated to prevent issues like mildew and mold. An exhaust fan or a transom window are two effective solutions to enhance air circulation. If you consider adding a window, this helps with not only releasing residual steam but can be closed when needed to secure a tight seal, ensuring an optimal steam shower environment.

3. Sloping the Ceiling

Having a sloped ceiling in your shower, rather than flat, is recommended as it helps to prevent condensed water vapor from dripping onto the occupants or surfaces of the steam shower. Ultimately, the decision can be made based on your preferences or the professional who is experienced in installing and designing steam showers.

4. Selecting and Installing the Ideal Steam Generator

Selecting the proper size steam generator is determined by your shower’s cubic feet. Utilizing a tool like ThermaSol’s steam generator calculator simplifies the process for choosing your ideal generator.

When considering the right placement for your steam generator, ensure that the space is both functional and safe. A ThermaSol generator can be installed up to 50 feet from the steam shower and should be placed in a climate-controlled space. We recommend placing the generator in a clear and accessible location, leaving a minimum of 6 inches around the sides for proper ventilation and easy maintenance. Ensure the generator is placed horizontally on a level surface, with the label oriented from left to right.

5. Location Matters: Where to Place Steamhead in Shower

Position a ThermaSol SteamVection Steamhead at least 24 inches from the steam floor, maintaining a clearance of 6 inches from all corners. Keep in mind to avoid installing the steamhead beneath any seating area or bench.

Note: Enhance the operation and optimize the overall functionality of your steam shower by placing the controller and steamhead away from each other.

6. Control Panel Placement  

After your steamhead location is determined, next focus on the placement of your steam shower control.  It is essential to place your control in an easily accessible and convenient location for a relaxing experience. We recommend placing the control 60 inches from the floor.  A helpful tip is to place the control within arm’s reach or near a built-in bench, allowing you to comfortably adjust settings without leaving or reaching into your shower.

7. Choosing the Right Materials for Your Shower 

Creating a steam shower involves choosing materials that can withstand high humidity and temperature fluctuations, all while providing a comfortable and visually appealing environment. We suggest incorporating materials such as porcelain or ceramic tiles, natural stone, glass or any substance that can be properly sealed to prevent water absorption and staining. Porcelain or ceramic tiles, known for being easy to clean and maintain, are particularly popular for steam shower walls and floors.

It’s important to consult with professionals experienced in steam showers to ensure proper installation, ventilation and maintenance to guarantee the longevity and effectiveness of your steam shower.

8. Hire an Electrician for Your Steam Shower Power Needs

Make sure to hire a licensed electrician for your steam shower. Most generators operate on a 208-240 Volt / Single Phase power supply.

When speaking to your electrician, it is important that each generator is connected to its dedicated circuit breaker for optimal functionality.

9. Be Sure to Maintain and Clean Your Steam Shower

To guarantee the longevity of your steam shower, be sure to clean it more frequently than you would a standard shower. The cleaning process is similar to that of a standard shower, however, make sure that the cleaning products you use are safe for the specific materials in your shower.

10. Additional Accessories

Enhance your steam experience by taking it to the next level with additional accessories for the perfect spa oasis. You can elevate your shower by incorporating features such as chromatherapy, bluetooth speakers or aromatherapy oils.

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