The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Smart Shower and Steam System

June 23, 2023 | Tips & How-To

If you are planning a bathroom or shower renovation project, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to incorporate the latest innovative smart shower and steam features. These additions can not only enhance your overall health, but also transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat that can be part of your daily routine.

With numerous technologies and options available, we have compiled everything you need to know in this article to guide you in creating a wellness sanctuary that suits your needs perfectly. By following this easy step-by-step guide, you will be able to navigate the process effortlessly.

Homeowners and designers can take advantage of the many accessible smart shower options to create a home-spa retreat.

ThermaSol Design Tools

In addition, ThermaSol provides a range of design tools to assist you on your home spa journey. These include an online configuration tool, a scheduling support page (to speak to one of our customer service reps in Austin, TX for direct help) as well as a library of videos and articles that answer our most frequently asked questions. For more information, please visit our design tools page.

ThermaSol’s innovative smart showers let you customize a variety of wellness settings to your precise needs.

What is a Smart Shower?

Many people have experienced the rejuvenating effects of a great shower, which range from relaxing sore muscles and reducing the impact of allergens to promoting better sleep. Smart showers eliminate the need for guesswork and elevate the showering experience to one of true luxury.

At the core of the smart shower lies the digital control valve, which maintains a consistent water temperature and flow down to exacting degrees. This valve is connected to an intuitive control unit, replacing the traditional task of adjusting handles to find the right mix of hot and cold water. Instead, envision a smart shower as a tablet-like interface that allows you to fully customize every aspect of your showering experience.

ThermaSol offers a diverse range of controls that enable you to set not only the precise water temperature and flow, but also adjust lights, sound or music, select different shower outlets (classic showerhead, rainhead or handshower), access dozens of apps, play tranquility scenes and even stream content – all with a simple touch or voice command. ThermaSol accomplishes this with the latest digital technology (Controller Area Network or CAN Bus) to intelligently connect all their devices and features. 

Before You Buy

Not all digital shower valves are created equal.

  • Make sure the valve can be installed where you want it for accessibility later.
  • It’s also important that the valve can control multiple shower outlets such as a traditional wall fixture, body sprays and rainhead.
    • ThermaSol’s digital shower valve is enhanced with ceramic disc Flühs brass cartridges and two laboratory grade stepper motors.
    • Allows installation flexibility up to 30 feet from the shower structure.
    • Has an integrated diverter so that the user can select different showering outlets.
  • You have a choice of several different control panels based on size, installation (recessed or flush) and features. So before selecting the control, it’s good to know the other elements you are incorporating, i.e. steam, rainhead, streaming apps, etc.
    • For example, if you want to connect with WiFi for apps or BlueTooth speakers, then the ThermaTouch series is best for your project.
    • ThermaTouch can pair with a smart home assistant such as “Alexa” so that users can control their shower from anywhere in the home. This is convenient if you want to turn on the shower prior to entering.
  • Don’t forget! You can also select the style and finishes to integrate with the rest of your bathroom fixtures.

What are the other components that make up a Smart Shower?

Here are the additional options available, listed in order of importance, to help you build your ultimate smart shower system. Each of these features can be integrated with the control panel to create a seamless and exceptional smart shower experience.


Rainheads spray water vertically from the ceiling using light pressure to simulate a warm, gentle rain shower. They can be used in conjunction with traditional shower fixtures such as a Rain Canopy and/or handheld spray. Beyond amazing water flow with up to 300 easy-clean jets, ThermaSol’s advanced rainheads deliver built-in state-of-the-art sound and full-spectrum LED lighting.           


ThermaSol offers different options to incorporate sound including built-in rainhead speakers or installed BlueTooth and wired options. Set-up with ThermaSol’s controls is seamless whether you are using freestanding speakers or rainhead speakers.


Chromatherapy, or color therapy, incorporates colored lights in your bath or shower. You can set ThermaSol’s luminous chromatherapy lighting to evoke calm, relaxation for health, healing and a complete sensory experience. Chromatherapy is incorporated into the HydroVive and Serenity rainheads and is not sold separately.


A new feature that can be programmed into a ThermaTouch unit as part of a Smart Shower system is contrast hydrotherapy. Contrast showering is the process of shifting between one water temperature and another to aid in sleep, healing, muscle relaxation and more. In future updates, the ThermaTouch user can select a contrast routine that meets their needs or goals.


ThermaSol’s shower fixtures have been designed to coordinate with today’s most popular contemporary bath styles in five different finishes. Choice of round or square packages include a handshower, shower rail, shower hose, wall shower arm, rain canopy and body sprays.

  • ThermaSol’s Rain Canopy features a nozzle geometry that delivers a more focused coverage and simulates a gentle, soothing rainfall. This is mounted to the wall (via a wall shower arm).
  • Handshowers let you adjust the height of a showerhead (along rail). The shower head can be detached from the rail (using hose) to direct the water to specific areas of the body.
  • Body Sprays relax and relieve sore muscles with spa-like hydrotherapy in your upgraded custom shower space. The wall-mount single-function body spray features high-pressure deep massage streams within a rotating ball joint, ideal for achy muscles. Install multiples for the ultimate therapeutic shower experience.

Before You Buy!

  • There are three packages for Smart Showers that make it convenient to buy all the components you need (essentially with or without the rainhead):
  • The ultimate package of course includes steam – Total Wellness Package: (choice of control, Rainhead, Digital Shower Valve and SteamVection Steam head).
  • Fixtures also come with an Essential Shower Package (Rain Canopy, Handshower and Body Sprays) for a cohesive design in the shower.

With a legacy spanning over 65 years, ThermaSol’s smart shower and steam system has been perfected to provide you with a lifetime of wellness experiences.

What is a Steam Shower?

Take your health and wellness to the next level by blending steam into your shower experience. Steam is a centuries-old therapy dating back to Roman times. With its ability to boost overall health and well-being, steam has also shown significant benefits for our cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

What parts make up a Steam Shower?

There are three must-have components for every steam shower system including the steamhead (releases the steam into the shower area), the generator (produces the steam) and the control (turns steam on/off; sets temperature and operates PowerFlush™ or FastStart™).


ThermaSol’s SteamVection Steamhead delivers the fastest, most reliable steam on the market with unparalleled floor-to-ceiling temperature uniformity while adhering to ThermaSol’s trademark functionality, design and safety. ThermaSol offers a retractable No-Touch Steamhead and Classic Steamheads as well. The most important features of any steamhead include:

  • Uniform Temperature: Consistent temperature, delivered fast and quiet.
  • Safe Proximity: Find out how close you can safely get to your steamhead and think about the best location for safety and performance. ThermaSol’s SteamVection’s streamlined design allows the closest safe proximity to the outlet.
  • Aromatherapy: Some steamheads offer an essential oil well to create an aromatherapy experience. Different oils have unique properties for enhancing breathing, reducing stress, etc. This is a popular feature for steam showering.

Steam Generator

ThermaSol has created the most advanced steam generator available on the market. Our PRO Series™ generators are designed to deliver the highest quality steam shower experience, complete with constant steam, temperature control and care-free maintenance, all backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

  • PROSeries I, II and III: ThermaSol has three levels of generators in a variety of sizes to fit the size of your room and overall needs. See a comparison here to choose the one that’s right for your project.
    • Patented Smart Steam quietly produces the precise volume of steam required to maintain room temperature. (PROSeries™ III models only.)
  • Split Tank Technology: Preheats water in a reserve to keep consistent steam on demand without cycling on and off again which creates a lot of noise and wear on system.
  • Patented PowerFlush™ uses water pressure to sweep the tank automatically and effortlessly, removing calcification build-up.
  • FastStart™ begins steamer in seconds, not minutes.


ThermaSol offers a variety of controls for steam management. Within each control series, there are finish, installation and size options to perfectly match your shower design.

  • ThermaTouch: touch screen and/or voice; controls shower, steam, apps, sound, light. Offers BlueTooth, WiFi connectivity.
  • SignaTouch: touch screen controls shower, steam, sound, light.  
  • MicroTouch: touch screen controls steam.
  • Signature Control: touch screen controls Serenity rainhead (water, light, sound) and steam.
  • Easy Start Steam Control: works with ThermaTouch to allow you to start the steam from outside the shower.

Before You Buy!

  • ThermaSol has several steam packages to consider. The steam generator size is determined by the shower area and is selected outside of the package – according to the project needs. See our calculator here.
    • Total Wellness Package: (choice of control, Rainhead, Digital Shower Valve and SteamVection Steamhead).
    • Wellness Steam Package: (choice of control, Rainhead, SteamVection Steamhead). Optional: add a digital shower valve to set water flow and temperature through control vs. a traditional shower handle.
    • Control and Steamhead Kits: (choice of control and SteamVection Steamhead)
  • Before you buy, ask how to maintain the system, how fast it heats up, whether it’s quiet and how consistent the steam delivery and temperature are.

What other accessories are important to complete the shower environment?

There are several accessories that are worth mentioning as they contribute to completing the shower environment and enhancing the overall luxury of the space. These accessories add both functionality and aesthetic appeal, transforming your shower into a truly indulgent experience. Some noteworthy accessories to consider include:

Remember to select accessories that complement your overall design aesthetic and cater to your specific preferences. These thoughtful additions will enhance the overall luxury and enjoyment of your shower space.

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