Steam Therapy for your Lungs: Does it Really Work?

May 31, 2023 | Wellness Seeker

Many people use steam showers for detoxifying their pores, softening their skin and performing all-around body therapy, but can steam showers also be used to detox your lungs? The simple answer is yes: inhaling steam during a hot shower can help clear out your airways and improve your breathing. Read on to learn how to use steam to support lung health.

Benefits of Steam Therapy

Steam therapy can help improve your health by using a multitude of natural benefits, making it one of the best ways to detox your body naturally. A proper steam detox can benefit your body by:

  • Opening your pores
  • Causing your skin to absorb more hydration
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Improving the spread of nutrients
  • Clearing excess mucus from your airways
  • Decreasing skin and muscle irritation
  • Expelling toxins and odors from your armpits

Steam Therapy for Lungs

The biggest benefit steam offers to your lungs is its ability to add moisture and potentially soothe irritation.

When a person has a regular cough, especially one that produces mucus, steam can help moisten irritated airways, vocal chords, and the throat. This can provide some relief from pain and leave you feeling refreshed.

Taking deep breaths to fill the lungs with steam may also help promote relaxation and make it easier to clear your lungs by thinning any mucus that might be present.

Steam Therapy for Congestion

Inhaling water vapors in the form of steam is believed to loosen the mucus in your throat, lungs, and nasal passages. As a result, a proper steam detox improves your breathing and should relieve the inflammation and swelling of your blood vessels. 

While this may not do much to combat colds or flus, it is a great way to keep your airways clear and healthy and potentially prevent future infections. This may be especially ideal for people with bad allergies, asthma or other breathing difficulties.

How to Use Steam Therapy for Lungs at Home

While little research focuses specifically on the ideal way to use steam therapy for lung health, some studies on steam for the common cold and flu provide important insight. For instance, steam that’s too hot might actually increase inflammation in the airways. 

To reap the benefits of steam therapy without irritating your lungs, stick to just a few minutes at a time. Ensure your water isn’t so hot that it scalds your skin to avoid burns. This will also help you keep the steam at a temperature that’s less foreign to your body. 

Take a few measured, deep breaths through your mouth while you shower. You may want to face away from the water stream to avoid accidentally inhaling any.

If you notice your chest feels tight or you begin to cough, stop what you’re doing. Depending on your lung health and whether any mucus and irritants are present, you may only need a minute or two of exposure to feel benefits.

However, you can likely benefit from inhaling steam for longer if you’re sick. Heavy congestion often means steam won’t interact with the delicate tissue that lines your lungs as quickly.

How to Turn Your Shower Into a Steam Shower

Investing in a steam shower is a skincare and health solution worth considering. At Thermasol, we offer many advanced steam, shower, and wellness packages that allow you to upgrade your bathroom setup, rather than installing a brand-new shower system. Our upgrades include even-distribution steam generators and LCD touchscreens that let you customize your steam therapy experience. Schedule a consultation today to see if a steam room vs. a sauna for detox would be right for you. 

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