Steam Showers vs Saunas

July 9, 2023 | Blog

Looking to take your health and wellness routine to the next level?  An at-home steam shower or sauna are luxurious options that can provide immense benefits for your physical and mental well-being. While both systems allow you to decompress, relax and provide natural, soothing heat, it’s important to understand the differences and unique benefits of each.

Benefits of Steam Showers

A steam shower produces natural, wet heat using a generator and steamhead, that creates a soothing and calming experience. A powerful and well-designed system, like ThermaSol’s Total Wellness steam shower, ensures that constant steam is delivered at a constant rate from floor to ceiling.

In addition, a steam shower has many benefits that can improve both the mind and body, making it a valuable addition to any wellness routine.

Improves Sleep Cycle

Steam showers help improve circulation, relax sore muscles and open up sinus passages, allowing you to enjoy a more restful and restorative sleep. Consistent use of steam showers can also boost your mood and energy levels, helping to regulate your sleep cycle.

Faster Muscle Recovery

If you engage in activities such as weight training, running or athletic sports, a steam shower can be beneficial in aiding muscle recovery and relief. Regular use of a steam shower may lead to a decrease in muscle damage and an improvement in blood circulation.

Relieves Colds and Allergies

Taking a steam shower can act as a natural expectorant that relieves allergy and cold symptoms. Inhaling the moist heat can provide relief for your sinuses and is a great at-home remedy. To enhance the experience, you can incorporate Aromatherapy Essential Oils into your steam shower routine. These oils are derived from natural sources and have healing scents that make breathing easier.

General Well-Being

Taking a steam shower for 15 to 20 minutes can have a positive impact on your well-being and mental health. You can enhance the experience by adding chromatherapy to evoke positive feelings of serenity or upliftment. The more often you use a steam shower, the better it is for improving sleep, soothing muscle recovery and boosting your immune system.

Benefits of Saunas

A sauna is a wooden room that produces dry heat using an electric heater filled with hot stones. ThermaSol offers handcrafted indoor and outdoor saunas that provide a luxurious spa-like experience where you can relax and rejuvenate. Using a sauna regularly has many health benefits that can improve your overall wellness.

Promotes a Healthy Well-Being

Using a sauna frequently can greatly improve both physical and mental well-being. Studies have shown that using a sauna for at least four to seven times a week can help lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Relaxing in the heat of a sauna can also help reduce stress and promote healthy blood pressure. Other health benefits include improved skin health, better sleep and a healthier cardiovascular system.

Promotes Mental Well-Being

Spending 5 to 20 minutes in a sauna can create a sense of happiness and improve your overall mental state. As your body becomes accustomed to the dry heat over time, your mind can better relax and reduce stress.

Now that you know the differences between a steam shower and sauna, explore all of ThermaSol’s steam shower and sauna products to see how you can apply them to your personal wellness routine.

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