Steam Shower After a Workout: Are They Good For You?

August 12, 2022 | Weekend Warrior

What Is a Steam Shower?

Generally speaking, a steam shower doesn’t look all that different from a standard shower. At it’s core, a steam shower uses a generator to turn water into warm, soothing vapor-like steam delivered through steamheads in your shower. Once the steam is produced it will be  maintained at a temperature of 110-116 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on your personal settings.

Sound too hot? That’s understandable. In reality, most people find this temperature quite pleasant. On top of feeling great, there are many advantages to using a home steam shower – especially after a workout. 


Are Steam Showers Good For You?

Steam showers – specifically after a workout – provide a variety of health benefits. The warm therapeutic steam they produce is great for physical recovery, muscle relaxation, and stress reduction. 

The steam also plays a helping hand in detoxification. Much like a traditional sauna, a home steam room can remove toxins through perspiration, adding to its therapeutic qualities. 

Additionally, steam showers are also excellent for blocked sinuses. If you were ever told by your grandparents to stick your head over a bowl of steaming water when you had a cold, you’ll know that steam allows you to breathe again. Feel a bit stuffy before a workout? A steam shower can potentially help clear your airways and get you feeling ready to hit the gym.

What about after a workout?

There’s a chance that your gym has a steam room for members to use after a workout. Steam rooms are installed in gyms because steam is commonly linked to exercise recovery, as mentioned above. You could spend hours in the gym working out: lifting weights, running on a treadmill, stretching, and so on. However, your workout isn’t over once you stop moving. Your body continues to feel the strain of exercise hours after you stopped exercising.

To magnify the impact, a steam shower – or a steam room – will lock in the work you’ve done. 

But why? What do steam showers do after a workout?

Recovery and Muscle Relaxation

Your muscles get tiny tears during exercise. These tears are fundamental for your muscles to grow in strength and size as they repair themselves. The soreness you feel post-workout is completely natural, and it’s due to those minuscule tears in your muscles. 

That’s why it’s so important that your muscles receive some TLC after a workout. The body sends up warning signals and the brain makes it clear that the main priority is recovery after systemic stress. 

Between 2 and 4 hours after you finish your workout, your muscles are at their most flexible and open to treatment. Hopping in a steam shower relaxes sore muscles and stiff joints and aids with recovery. It can even prevent future injuries. 

“Hopping in a steam shower relaxes sore muscles and stiff joints and aids with recovery.”

Breath Regulation

When exercising and pushing yourself to your limit, you might notice that your breathing feels stressed. 

Steam showers can help regulate your breathing. The heat travels into your lungs and opens up the airways, helping to unblock any lurking congestion and regulating your breathing. 


Finally, a steam shower is extremely relaxing after a workout. You can simply stand in the steam shower knowing that it not only feels good but offers physical benefits. The effects continue far after the shower too. Step out of a hot steam shower, feeling refreshed, cooling off, and your body will thank you for it. 

Considering Installing a Personal Home Steam Room Shower?

If you exercise regularly – no matter what form that takes – it’s worth investing in a personal steam shower. Here at Thermasol, we have a wide range of steam-related products that can help your muscles and joints heal faster, so you can get back to your exercise without the winces and aches of your last workout. 

So, get in touch today and schedule an appointment. With a wide array of smart shower controls and steam shower kits, you can enjoy the benefits of steam showers in your own home in no time. 

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