Steam for All Seasons: Fall

October 16, 2020 | Tips & How-To, Wellness Seeker

Ah, fall. The season that signifies change, as leaves turn vibrant colors, days get shorter and temperatures become cool and crisp, which makes it the perfect time to change your wellness routine to include our tech- and wellness-focused Smart Shower with steam!


While skin in the summer is usually more hydrated due to humidity, crisp autumn air can leave skin dry and parched, which a steam shower can help through its hydrating and restorative benefits. Steam can also help repair sun-damaged summer skin that might be more acne-prone from increased sweat and oil, as it opens up the pores to allow for a deeper skin cleanse.

You should also adjust your skincare routine in the fall, swapping out heavier cleansing products and exfoliation from increased oil and sweat during summer for lighter products that are hydrating to avoid redness and blotchiness.

You might also consider a facial peel to remove the dry and dull outer layer of skin which also helps hydrating products (and moisture from your steam shower!) absorb into the skin better.


As we turn back the clocks and lose an hour of daylight, we oftentimes lose quality sleep. Sunlight helps regulate our sleep patterns, so less of it makes a good night’s sleep even more difficult to achieve in the fall, which can create a number of bad health effects. Studies have shown that shorter and rainier days in the fall negatively affect sleep patterns and energy levels because your eyes take in sunlight which causes a chemical reaction in the brain that helps regulate circadian rhythms and ensure you sleep soundly at night and feel energized in the day.

Less sunlight also means lower vitamin D levels, which can make you feel more fatigued and depressed. Our ThermaTouch control that programs our Smart Shower with steam is equipped with soothing Tranquility nature scenes with sound that can help combat negative feelings.

Steam showers have also been suggested to improve sleep quality by helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation, providing an opportunity to unwind and relax, and increasing circulation and improving blood flow. Some studies have even shown that elevated body temperatures caused by steam showers can help improve depressive symptoms.


Pumpkin spice, anyone? Another way to enhance your wellness routine in the fall is through scents, by using warm ginger, cinnamon and rosemary candles and aromatherapy essential oils, such as our line of high-quality, organic Aromatherapy essential oils.

You can place a couple drops of the oils into our SteamVection Steamhead reservoir for total relaxation. Our French Rosemary Essential Oil can help to calm nerves, improve memory, confidence and creativity. Who doesn’t need some more of that as seasons change?

Not only do these warm spices enhance feelings of wellness, when incorporated into your diet, studies have shown that spices like cinnamon and ginger can help erase bloat, stomach pain and decrease inflammation. Combine that with a Smart Shower with steam and reap the benefits of a fall wellness routine all season long!

What are your favorite ways to adjust to the fall? Let us know in the comments!

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