Spa Spotlight: The Arctic Bath in Harads, Sweden

May 27, 2022 | Tips & How-To

At ThermaSol, we appreciate the restorative and relaxing benefits of a home spa, but want to also highlight world-class spas around the world. Today, we explore Arctic Bath in Harads, Sweden. 

The timber- and ice-inspired surroundings of the Arctic Bath are replete with four saunas, a pool, outdoor showers, and overnight lodging in rooms with large skylight windows to behold the majesty of the northern lights in the winter. 

Treatments include the Spa-Ritual where guests can enjoy three different saunas, a hot tub with hydrotherapy and then plunge themselves into a cold arctic bath in the center of the retreat. Included in the hotel stay is the Arctic Spa kit which includes body peeling, a facial mask, foot treatment, face cream and dry brush.  

Massage Treatments 

Massage treatments include the Svensk Arctic Massage, a Swedish Classical Massage, an intensive treatment for tired and stiff muscles; the Harads-Mindfulness Massage which involves pure essential oils for total mind and body relaxation; and Bäck Stone Massage combining oils “healing stones” and jojk which have been used by the Sami people for thousands of years to protect the body and soul. 

Dining and Activities 

The resort boasts a sustainable restaurant offering a daily changing five-course Scandinavian menu of local ingredients. 

The hotel also offers a variety of outdoor-focused activities, from guided fishing tours and white water rafting to dog-sledding and a class on how to best photograph the Northern Lights. 

 Tips for Getting a Spa-Like Experience without Travel 

1. Turn your bathroom into a personalized spa with a custom shower system 

Our HydroVive rainhead uses steam, chromatherapy, aromatherapy and music to bring a fully customizable, and wellness-inducing shower experience to your personal bathroom. Steam, especially in combination with chromatherapy and aromatherapy, has been shown to help with sleep, reducing stress, detoxifying the body and increasing circulation – a spa experience you can get every day at home!  

2. Bring the outdoors in 

Biophilic design involves bringing nature indoors through color, sunlight and plants. Incorporating these simple additions into a bath space can do wonders for relaxation, replicating the feeling of being in a faraway oasis.  

3. Use smart technology for relaxation 

High-tech shower accessories can actually contribute to a spa-like experience when done right. Our Smart Shower products range from discrete controls with a few simple buttons to manage steam and temperature, to the Thermatouch, a sleek and streamlined touchscreen that’s Alexa-compatible and manages everything from water temperature to lighting, sound, apps, and live TV. The Thermatouch can also be set in Tranquility mode to play nature scenes and sounds from around the world, a feature that’s perfect for giving your mind and body a reset.  

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