More than a system. It’s a daily wellness experience.

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Create your own personal showering and wellness environment with ThermaSol's innovative line of products that unite smart home technology, engineering and ergonomic design to create a custom digital shower that synchronizes to your life and daily rituals.



Our smart steam shower kits come with everything you need to assemble your perfect home spa.

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Choose from a variety of digital controls that suit your needs and aesthetic preferences.

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Accessorize your custom steam shower with a smart showerhead.

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Personalization. Everything Integrated.

Shower Exactly the way you want. ThermaSol’s clever, performance-engineered products allow you to customize and control every part of your daily showering experience — from precision water volume and temperature control, to selecting your preferred water outlets, to activating steam, sound and light therapy systems.

Technology You Don’t See.

We believe that when it comes to designing the ultimate smart shower environment, the functionality and user experience should be the main focus. So, we designed a system that was concealed inside the walls of the shower structure. Our engineering team developed a smart digital shower valve that allows precision control of water volume and exact temperatures. The advanced valve also has an integrated multi-port diverter so that the user can select different showering outlets such as a classic or smart showerhead, rainhead, body sprays and handshower. Whether matched with ThermaSol’s quality shower products or other manufacturers, the silent electronic valve is managed by one of ThermaSol’s intuitive smart touchscreen controls.

Light, Sound, Rain.
Total Control, Total Wellness.

By pairing the smart digital shower valve with ThermaSol’s smart touchscreen controls and HydroVive, you can take full command of every element of your shower, from your preferred water outlets (classic showerhead, rainhead or wand) to lights, temperature, audio, and even your favorite video or music apps.

Modular by design and customizable to your individual bath space, the digital shower control interface eliminates the multiple bath fittings of a manual shower for a more streamlined, minimal look. The beauty of this simplicity means you can focus more deeply on your unique shower experience, and let each sensation transport you to another world.


ThermaTouch Smart Shower with Alexa empowers you to give directions to your shower from any room in the home. Talk to Alexa and control your multi-sensory shower experience — from water, lights and steam.

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Steam Therapy. Ancient Practice, Modern Approach.

The ThermaSol Smart Shower experience takes health and wellness to another level of luxury when you add steam. With over 60 years of innovation and the first to develop the residential steam bath generator, ThermaSol brings the benefits of a world-class spa into your home with the industry’s most advanced, reliable and efficient equipment available. Our state-of-art equipment is energy and water efficient, and incorporates advanced microprocessors and software that learns users’ personal session and creates a consistent and balanced steam shower, from floor to ceiling.

Technology You Don’t See.

The ThermaSol Smart Digital Shower Valve allows the ultimate in precision control of water volume and temperature. The advanced valve utilizes best in-class, ceramic disc Fluhs brass cartridges and two laboratory grade stepper motors - allowing 400 positions to deliver precise incremental settings. The ThermaSol Smart Digital Shower Valve allows installation flexibility up to 30 feet from the shower structure and has an integrated diverter so that the user can select different showering outlets. Whether matched with ThermaSol’s quality shower products or other manufacturers, the Smart Digital Shower Valve is managed by one of ThermaSol’s intuitive smart touchscreen controls.



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