Smart Shower Buying Guide: How to Choose Your Digital Shower Controls and Accessories

November 7, 2019 | Blog

Is there anything better than planning out an in-home steam shower?

Okay, maybe actually using that steam shower. But with so much cool technology these days, we can’t deny that the shopping process is fun too. You might feel like a kid in a candy store as you’re planning your digital steam shower, but before you rush out to start buying accessories, we recommend you take full stock of your needs—from the layout of your bathroom to the must-have features on your wishlist.

A little planning now (and a little guidance on the best smart shower options) will go a long way towards a successful project.

Find the Right Steam Shower Generators

All that heat has to come from somewhere! Every steam shower is powered by a generator, whether it’s in-home or commercial. The generator you choose will have a big impact on shower performance overall, so make sure you review all of your options.

In-Home Options

We generally recommend one of two options for in-home steam showers, depending on your shower size.

  • AF/SSA Series: Entry-level generators ideal for showers on the smaller side.
  • PRO Series: High-end performance generator for top-of-the-line showers, complete with superior heating elements for larger shower setups.

Commercial Options

For commercial uses, we recommend generators that pack more of a punch.

  • Day Spa: Basic unit designed to power up to four steam showers at once.
  • PowerPak Series III: The next generation of commercial steam units. Units feature state-of-the-art options for digital control and heating elements capable of handling whatever you throw at them.

Customize Your Steamhead

Here’s where the magic happens. Steamheads are little devices that connect to your shower’s water line and generator to superheat water into soothing, gentle steam. This steam fills your shower from top to bottom, producing the luxurious sauna-like experience that steam showers are known for.

But here’s the thing. Some steamheads aren’t up to the job and leave inconsistent temperature zones in the shower, aka cold spots. We don’t believe there’s any room for a chilly zone in a modern steam shower, which is why we recommend the SteamVection steamhead for all in-home steam showers.

This little gadget takes the variability out of steam production, using state-of-the-art design to deliver uniform temperatures throughout the entire shower. No more guessing—and no more cold spots. Plus, the unit is small, only about three inches deep, which means that it won’t intrude into your usable shower space.

Choose Your Digital Shower Controls

Naturally, you’ll need a way to control your shower’s settings. While some features such as lights and music can be entirely voice-activated (more on that in a minute), most of the primary settings are managed with a digital control panel.

There are plenty of options here, depending on how much control you want and how you want your shower to look.

  • MicroTouch Control: The ultimate in modern, minimalist design. Features touchscreen display for simple control of shower steam, temperature, and duration.
  • Signature Control: More sophisticated control. Manage shower time, temperature, and maintenance, as well as integrated accessories like the Serenity Rainhead at the touch of a button.
  • SignaTouch 5” LCD Control: Simple and elegant, the SignaTouch offers an image-centric display that lets you control steam functions alongside integrated accessories.
  • ThermaTouch LCD Control: Available in 7” and 10” displays, ThermaTouch offers the most comprehensive set of control features anyone could want in an in-home shower system.

Set the Mood with Music and Lighting

No steam shower would be complete without a few aesthetic features that turn your bathroom into a full sensory experience. The steam is only the beginning. We’re talking lights, sounds, colors, aromas—anything you need to take your in-home steam shower to the next level. Here, we’d recommend options that offer these sensory features in a clean, aesthetic package.

The Serenity Light and Sound System offers a great blend of these features. Included in a sleek, elegant design are voice-activated functions that turn on elegant lights and preset playlists, perfect for a spa-like experience.

And if you want to take things even further, check out the Serenity Light, Sound, Rainhead. This nozzle has an elegant design that coordinates with changing mood lighting to produce a gorgeous rainbow of light across your shower stream. This turns an ordinary shower into a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

The great thing about in-home steam showers is that you can customize them any way you like. But with all these options, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. Where shall I begin?

If this is your first time designing a smart shower for yourself, we’d recommend trying our Custom Steam Shower Builder. This simple tool can help you visualize your at-home shower setup and show you which buying options are best for your shower’s unique dimensions. This type of planning is a great first step for anyone who’s interested in trying out an in-home steam shower.


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