A True DIY Home Restoration

November 24, 2020 | Inspiration


When Venus Kent purchased her 1924 Cape Cod-styled “fixer-upper” three years ago, she wasn’t thinking that her journey would bring her from Cincinnati, OH to Round Rock, TX. As a lover of HGTV and DIY projects, Venus felt certain that she could bring this home back to its original state despite its desperate state of disrepair. Unfazed, she began documenting the renovation in the hope that others would relate to the challenges of restoring a home on their own. It is not hyperbole to say that there wasn’t a room or corner that didn’t need work. When it came time to renovate the bathroom, Venus had to tackle everything from old pipes to decaying walls and floors that needed to be completely retiled. Then there was the matter of the shower! Having heard about ThermaSol, she wasn’t sure if her home could sustain a steam shower unit, so she reached out to us via our online consultation link and we began a correspondence that enabled her to design a custom steam shower set up that provides Venus with the soothing wellness benefits befitting someone who worked as hard as she did on her home. We applaud Venus and are grateful to have played a small role in the restoration of her charming home.

Read more about Venus Kent’s home here.


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