Secrets of an Esthetician: 4 Benefits of Steam

February 14, 2019 | Wellness Seeker

Diane Hibbard knows all about skin. As Vice President of Treatments and Development for Burke Williams, Diane Hibbard has a certain amount of “skintelligence,” formed from her early days as an esthetician and honed during her rein at the world-famous spa. Although Hibbard is constantly researching different skin care methods to stay in the know about the latest beauty treatments, there is one constant for her: steam. Hibbard often recommends steam as both a natural skin beauty treatment and for its general therapeutic benefits.

Skin experts like Hibbard are not alone. The ancient Greeks and Romans often used steam baths as a key part of their bathing regimen, believing that a good steam would help detoxify skin, as well as promote hydration and skin suppleness.

“It improves circulation, which will result in glowing skin,” she says. “It also opens up respiratory passages, helps rid your body of toxins, and is one of the best overall stress-relievers.”

We asked Dianne to share some known benefits of steam.

1. Healthy skin

“The benefits of steam go way beyond just helping rid your body of toxins through sweat. It’s great for your skin as well, and many dermatologists recommend steam baths to create a healthy glow.”

2. Well-being

“The benefits of steam are many, both physical and for overall well-being. Steam reduces stress, improves circulation, helps with respiratory ailments and boosts the immune system.”

3. Hydration

“So many elements dehydrate your skin. After a steam, when your pores are the most open is the best time to re-hydrate your skin with moisturizers, since they will penetrate faster and better.”

4. Mindfulness

“Studies have shown that beginning your day in a mindful way has benefits that last throughout the day. We recommend adding a steam to your ritual.”

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