Rising Interest in Luxury, High-Tech Bathrooms

October 29, 2021 | News

It is no surprise that as homeowners have spent more time at home during the past two years, the interest in
remodeling remains high, with recent reports showing not only continued demand for home upgrades, but
pricier, high-end alterations with smart and touchless features. Recently, our Director of Business
Development Patrick Weidl was interviewed by Supply House Times and Kitchen & Bath Design News to
discuss how a focus on health and wellness has also become part of this rising demand in luxury remodeling.

Custom shower systems featuring steam are an increasingly sought-after feature in many residential
bathrooms and require much less water than might be expected. “The average steam shower uses less water
than the average shower, and once everyone learns this they are (a) surprised and (b) relieved,” says Patrick.
“On average, a 30-minute steam shower uses just two gallons of water, and that’s considered a long steam.
Showers use that amount or more per minute. The average American shower lasts about eight minutes, so
water consumption for a traditional shower can surpass 16 gallons.”

There has also been a rising interest in voice-activated products. “The use of voice-activated products and
integrated control tablets which can be programmed to provide very precise settings (light, sound, music,
water temperature and duration) are becoming the norm,” Patrick said. Voice activation capabilities are also
shifting from an aspirational quality to a must-have feature for those who are staying at home and aging in

If listening to music or watching a soothing video is part of your showering experience, there are several
high-tech shower accessories available. For example, good quality speakers enhance the experience. “There
is also the ability to add in-shower steam and waterproof speakers which don’t involve any additional
equipment and can be incorporated into any shower design.”

Fortunately, there are many quality in-shower Bluetooth speaker options on the market, including the
HydroVive Rainhead integrated with four state-of-the-art speakers.

Check out the articles here for more info about smart home trends: Supply House Times  |  Kitchen & Bath Design News

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