Reflecting on 2023: Top Trends in ThermaSol Bathroom Designs  

December 13, 2023 | Inspiration

This year, the world of interior design, has exceeded expectations with new trends in bathroom design. Architects, contractors and designers have shifted their focus to creating luxurious, spa-like sanctuaries that provide a tranquil retreat for relaxation and peace of mind. When designing a bathroom, every detail matters. From adding subtle highlights like neutral tones and bronze fixtures, to advanced technology, like smart and steam showers—all of these elements help elevate bathroom designs to new heights.

As we conclude 2023, let’s reflect on some of our top ThermaSol bathroom designs that showcase spa and wellness retreats alike. We hope these featured spaces help gather inspiration to create your own spa sanctuary in your upcoming bathroom renovation.

Photo Credits: Alison Cottet, ThermaSol’s 65th Anniversary Design Contest Winner

Photo Credits: Roy Heskel, ThermaSol’s 65th Anniversary Design Contest Winner

Photo Credits: Christine Kohut

Photo Credit: Jan Neiges

Photo Credit: Julie Leverett

Photo Credit: Kendra Nash

Photo Credit: Lily Israeli

Photo Credit: Noel Yeh

Photo Credit: Tamatha Miller 

Photo Credit: Emilee Weine

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