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Selecting the Correct Size Steam Generator

Simple Sizing Formula: LxWxH = Cubic Feet
For ceilings up to 8 feet, follow the formula of the calculator to select your generator.
For 8-9 foot ceilings, choose the next size generator.
For 9-10 foot ceilings, go up 2 generator sizes.
Over 10 feet, please call us for sizing.
All interior wall material is irrelevant thanks to ThermaSol’s exceptional engineering.

PRO Series III

PRO Series Ultimate with Fast Start, Power Flush, Smart Steam and Drain Pan

As one of the industry’s most technologically advanced and robust steam generators, the PRO Series III sets the benchmark for achieving modern wellness at home. Precision-engineered with features that include constant steam at a constant rate, an advanced inner-tank cleaning system and state-of-the-art energy efficiency, the PRO Series III offers the next level of wellness sophistication. The PRO Series III is the only steam generator in the world to feature ThermaSol’s patented Smart Steam technology providing consistent temperature control and comfort every time. Each PRO Series Generator can be installed up to 50 feet from the shower space and is crafted with an industrial-grade stainless steel tank. The PRO Series III integrates the latest technology with durability, performance and efficiency to ensure a consistent steam experience and is backed by ThermaSol’s unmatched Lifetime Warranty. With ThermaSol, every detail matters.


  • Lifetime Warranty (EXCLUSIVE)
  • Latest Digital Technology (EXCLUSIVE)
  • CAN BUS Technology (EXCLUSIVE)
  • Constant Steam at a Constant Rate (EXCLUSIVE)
  • Split Tank Technology (EXCLUSIVE)
  • FastStart Technology – Steam in seconds, not minutes!
  • PowerFlush – The Most Advanced Cleaning System (EXCLUSIVE)
  • Stainless Steel Drain Pan Included
  • Smart Steam (PATENTED) – The Ultimate in Temperature Control and Comfort
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