Digital Shower Valve

ThermaSol’s digital shower valve elevates your showering experience through the power of technology, giving you more options for cleansing and relaxation. The valve provides accurate, precise, and consistent temperature control. This precision-engineered, best-in-class digital thermostatic valve is designed for use with the ThermaTouch or SignaTouch control, and its easy plug-and-go design makes installation simple.


  • Size: 11″ x 7″ x 3″
  • Digitally controlled thermostatic mixing valve

  • Three output valve – Example: Rainhead, Hand Shower and Standard Showerhead
  • Industry-leading ceramic disc Flühs valves ensure reliability and safety

  • Operates two industrial-grade stepper motors with 400 positions that take away the noise factor found with solenoid valve systems and provides precise temperature control 

  • May be installed up to 30 ft. away from shower space

  • Antiscald protection
  • Battery backup included 

  • Output 9.25 GPM at 45 PSI 

  • IAPMO Approved

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