Peaceful Pairings: Green Chromatherapy + Eucalyptus Essential Oil

December 7, 2019 | Individual Indulgence, Smart Spa

As temperatures decrease, steam showers increase and the blanketing warmth of steam becomes a respite from the cooling weather outside. While we love the cold weather for this very reason, the shifting season also brings along something that we loathe: getting sick.

How Steam Showers Can Help With Colds, Coughs and More

When that nasty, achy, sneezy, cold catches up with you—despite your best efforts of keeping it at bay—there’s no better alleviation than the soothing powers of an at-home steam shower combined with chromatherapy and aromatherapy. For colds, coughs, allergies and other respiratory and nasal maladies, our recommended product pairing is the ThermaSol Smart Shower’s green heart chromatherapy setting with our eucalyptus essential oil.

When paired, the experience can yield a multitude of results, each unique to the user’s needs and dependent on the various oil and light color combinations, which you can customize from your smart shower control.

Preparing Your Cold-Fighting Steam Shower Experience

ThermaSol’s green heart chromatherapy represents harmony, balance, and relaxation. Combined with the detoxifying power of steam and the clarifying vapors of eucalyptus oil, this pairing is ideal for the cold season as the eucalyptus soothes and is said to clear congested sinuses and respiratory airways.

Just add two to four drops of the oil to the SteamVection steamhead reservoir and let the cozy steam work its magic (well, it’s actually chemistry but that’s magic in its own right). Used for centuries as a combatant of respiratory illness, the cooling vapors combined with the warm steam bring instant relief to that nagging cold. Additionally, the steam forces you to sweat out the toxins brought on by the ailment, helping reduce recovery time.

While there may not be a cure for the common cold yet, your custom steam shower has all the right features to help get you through it. Steam, green chromatherapy and eucalyptus aromatherapy is the perfect combination to make the cold season as comfortable as possible.

In both sickness and in health, this peaceful pairing will surely elevate your showering experience.


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