Music + Your Shower: How Custom Shower Systems Can Shape Your Daily Life

September 13, 2022 | Smart Spa, Tips & How-To

You may be surprised by how much a custom shower system can help you improve your everyday life and enable you to more readily achieve your goals.

The pace you set for yourself in daily life is vital to success everyday and in life. That’s where music comes in.

The Mental Health Benefits of Listening to Music

Music has likely been a part of humanity for over 40,000 years. Music can connect your conscious mind to internal emotions and motivations, soothe distress, and even unite nations. Additionally, it has been proven to:

  • help treat mental illness
  • improve memory
  • assist in better learning
  • enhance creativity
  • reduce anxiety
  • decrease fatigue
  • relieve depression

We’ve all heard the expression, ‘music soothes the savage beast.’ The importance of music in your life is apparent, whether you’re aware of it at any given moment or not. It affects your mood and motivation. Incorporating it into your daily rituals helps train your mind to follow your chosen path.

How Listening to Music in the Shower Helps

The pace and mindset you carry during your day make the difference between maintaining stability through challenges or struggling. The daily ritual of showering isn’t just about washing yourself.

It’s an opportunity to take a meditative moment and set the tone and pace for your day. Singing or incorporating aromatherapy into a shower routine can help, but showering with music is the most essential aspect of creating a space and time to focus and clarify your mindset.

The Best Ways to Listen to Music in the Shower

Gone are the days when you had a CD player on top of your toilet while you showered. There are many ways you can incorporate inspiring music into your shower routine. Here are a few.

1. Use Your Waterproof Phone

Many smartphones are built to be waterproof or at least water resistant. Check your phone’s specs to see if bringing it into the shower is safe.

One downside to this method is that while phone speakers have improved significantly over the years, they’re not loud enough to really create an atmosphere.

2. Use a Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes, sizes, intensities, and durabilities. Some are specifically made to be waterproof and can be a great addition to your shower if you want to create a concert in your daily shower. However, you’ll have to find somewhere to put the speaker and you won’t get surround sound.

3. Use a Custom Shower System

To maximize the unique acoustics of your shower and immerse yourself into your daily ritual with superb sound quality, you can build a custom shower system in your home. Custom shower systems aren’t just about building a steam shower or learning how to make your own steam room.

These systems can offer you the best digital shower control by connecting to your music library and offering HiFi audio customization. A custom shower system allows you to create a temple where you can build your headspace for the day.

The Benefits of Custom Shower Systems

There are a lot of different custom shower systems. Many offer steam generators and various steam shower accessories, but some add even more to the experience.

The Hydrovive 18, for example, offers the gentle sensation of naturally falling water and incorporates aromatherapy to fully immerse you in an experience that will focus and enhance your daily routine to start or end your day perfectly.

Additionally, the Hydrovive 18 has advanced audio technology that offers distortion-free sound and customizable volume settings for treble, mid-range, and bass sounds. All of this helps you to build the perfect synergy between your shower and music so you can engage your mind and maintain the long-distance mental fortitude to keep you going.

Build Your Temple

Thermasol is dedicated to maximizing the health benefits of your daily shower ritual by offering luxury steam room equipment, steam shower generators, custom shower systems, and the ability to build you the best digital shower out there. Our products can be Alexa-integrated for the best digital shower control experience you can imagine.

Schedule an appointment to learn more and start customizing your shower experience to improve your health and wellness routines.

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