Lighting Your Master Bathroom

May 28, 2020 | Inspiration

Is your master bathroom a relaxing oasis or a basic space that could be defined as perfunctory? Your bathroom should be a relaxing respite that has elements of any world-class spa/resort with the right touches, and we at ThermaSol are ready to help you take your master bathroom from “blah” to “ahhh.”

More and more, homeowners looking to redesign their homes are increasingly focusing on the bathroom, with a recent survey showing that four out of five homeowners choose to upgrade their shower during a renovation, and 59 percent of those surveyed expressed concern about having an outdated bathroom space.

Fortunately, there are a variety of sites that provide inspiration and visuals from thousands of products – everything from bathtubs to mirrors, grab bars and sconces, flooring choices and vanities, all just a click away.

We are going to focus on lighting, since the same way good lighting in a bathroom is almost unnoticed…bad lighting is always noticed.

Bathroom lighting has to perform a number of functions; it has to be bright enough so you can apply makeup or other personal toiletries, and yet warm enough that it isn’t unnatural and glaring. One aspect to consider is the brightness of bulbs and light temperature, as these greatly affect the ambiance of the bathroom. The best types of light for bathrooms are Soft White (2,700 to 3,000 Kelvin) which are warm and yellow, typically found in incandescent bulbs for a warm and cozy feeling and Warm white (3,000 to 4,000 Kelvin) that is more yellowish-white.

Light dimmers are another attractive and useful feature of a redesigned master bathroom, as they allow you to modify and control the brightness based on the time of day and purpose while in the bathroom, whether it be bright light to help you wake up and start your day or soft, low light while soaking in a luxurious bath in the evening.

The entire focus and mood in the bathroom can be improved with the right lighting, and the best way to achieve this is with layered sources of three types of lighting: ambient, task and accent, that are blended together perfectly without clashing with each other.

Task Lighting

This lighting, as the name implies, provides the right amount of light so you can perform “tasks” such as applying makeup, shaving, brushing your teeth, etc. To prevent shadows, it is best to apply two small lighting sources on each side of the mirror, or go for a vanity mirror with integrated lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is also known as natural lighting and it’s important to take that into consideration when thinking of adding additional light. If you have great natural light streaming into your bathroom – lucky you – be aware of what times of day your natural light is the strongest, and factor that in to help your decision on additional lighting.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting adds depth and dimension to the environment for an illuminating glow that can highlight certain decorative features of the bathroom, such as artwork or plants.

Ceiling light

A basic bathroom often has a single source of bright white light that casts harsh shadows on the entire space and wakes you up at night rather than relaxing you. This harsh lighting doesn’t do you any favors when you are looking in the mirror either, often emphasizing dark circles and lines on the face that also make it impossible to properly apply makeup. As the first part of the solution to these issues, consider lights that cast a general glow.

You can also consider recessed lighting, often installed in panels along the wall’s edge or with individual lights that fit entirely above the ceiling with a low profile for a clean, stylish look that distributes the light more evenly than a single large light source. Recessed lighting is also best for low ceilings where maximizing ceiling space is a must.


The vanity mirror can be a helpful source of optimal lighting if you choose one with integrated lighting and dimmer controls, or if you can’t swap out your vanity mirror, try placing two wall-mounted fixtures, such as sconces, on both sides of the mirror to create an extra layer of light that gives your face a soft glow without harsh lines.

Lower-level lighting

Soft, low-level lighting can be installed under countertops and cabinets, which is especially helpful to light the way at night without creating eye strain or an inability to go back to sleep after being exposed to bright, single-source bathroom lighting.

Shower lighting

Another important type of lighting to consider in a master bathroom redesign is the shower lighting. At ThermaSol, we understand that lighting can have significant effects on the quality of your bathroom experience and your mood, which is why we designed the Serenity Light, Sound system that is integrated with a full spectrum of LED lights that allows you to choose light color and brightness based on your mood.

With a digital shower system, you can choose from light colors ranging from energizing yellow and calming blue to sultry red and everything in between. ThermaSol also offers recessed shower lights to illuminate the space with a soft glow that can be installed as a single light or your choice of multiple lights based on your lighting needs and preferences.

Layered throughout the bathroom (ceiling, walls, vanity, cabinets and shower), your bathroom will feel comfortable and natural, not commercial and harsh.

Are you hoping to redesign your master bathroom? What are you planning on incorporating into your master bath redesign? Are you making your own home spa in your bathroom? Let us know in the comments!

As always, we wish you health, happiness and wellness.

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