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Renewal Through Light, Sound and Water

The award-winning HydroVive rainhead integrates full-spectrum LED lighting and a premium sound system for the ultimate shower experience. HydroVive is an authentic “ahead-of-its-time” creation that brings the multi-sensory powers of light, sound and water under the user’s complete control. Personalize every element of your wellness routine when paired with ThermaSol’s Digital Shower Valve and ThermaTouch or SignaTouch control.

HydroVive 18 - Square Design - Matte Black

HydroVive 18

Size: 18″ x 18″

HydroVive 14 - Square Design - Matte Black

HydroVive 14

Size: 14″ x 14″


HydroVive is designed to bring the multi-sensory powers of light, sound and water under the user’s complete control for the ultimate showering experience.


Full-color spectrum luminous LEDs create the ultimate ambiance in your shower.


The integrated audio system was engineered to deliver clear and distortion-free sound.


HydroVive delivers a rain sensation through its easy-clean neoprene jets.

Control Capability

HydroVive is compatible with the ThermaSol ThermaTouch and SignaTouch controls.

speaker icon

HydroVive is integrated with state-of-the-art speakers, which deliver low distortion, natural sound and exceptional high-frequency capability.


HydroVive’s Amplifiers are 30-100 Watt RMS, with built-in Digital Signal Processor

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HydroVive is integrated with Bluetooth v4.2 so that you can stream from your compatible mobile device.

Powered by technology.
Inspired by Design.

HydroVive integrates the latest lighting, sound and water technology to deliver the ultimate shower experience.

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Three stars

If anyone is thinking about a steam unit, they would be really foolish to consider anything else.

Kevin V.
Los Angeles, CA

The best units on the market, made by a company that goes out of the way to put their customers first - what's not to love?

Michael K. Leesburg

I've never deal with a company as customer-oriented as Thermasol. On a scale of 0-10, my experience has been 12.

Ashraf A.
Frederick, MD

Have specified this product on multiple occasions. Their customer service and technical support team is fantastic. I love this product and will continue to recommend it to my clients and friends.

Sarah G.
Fair Oaks, CA

We absolutely love our ThermaSol steam unit, and we use it several times a week. It has had only one problem in 8.5 years, and ThermaSol's customer service was WORLD CLASS.

Rich C.
Santa Barbara, CA

I wasn't familiar with this brand until I started designing our master bathroom. I thought I would go all Kohler, but the retailer I worked with turned me on to ThermaSol when he learned I was interested in creating a steam shower. ThermaSol truly stands out for incredible build quality, well integrated design, and outstanding customer service. I'm so glad I made this investment.

Paul F.
Brooklyn, NY

Love my ThermaSol! Just put a second ThermaSol in my vacation home and I have a ThermaSol from 2003 in my main house that has had no issues and still runs great to this day. Do the power flush thing once or twice a month like instructions say, and your generator will last forever!

Rayne A.