Upgrade Your Bathroom: Ideas to Enhance Your Shower

March 23, 2023 | Inspiration, Tips & How-To

Your bathroom should be a respite from the outside world. As you step into your tub or shower, you should feel as though you’re entering a serene world of your design. 

Whether you wash away the stress of the day or enjoy a fresh, invigorating start to your morning, the right bathroom design can transform a basic hygiene routine into one of the best parts of your day. At ThermaSol, we’ve spent 65 years designing products that provide the possibility to treat yourself daily to something truly luxurious. You’ll need the right ideas and people to help you get started – and we are here to help.

Upgrades That Will Elevate Your Shower Experience:

Shower Chairs

Shower chairs are a relatively inexpensive way to take your shower to the next level. A durable, wall-mounted weight-supporting seat can make things like shaving, deep conditioning, and cleaning all of your nooks and crannies significantly easier. 

ThermaSol’s shower seats are available in two styles:

  1. A pull-down seat that can be conveniently folded up against the wall
  2. A curved, corner install seat that can hold products and towels when not in use

Each chair holds up to 500 pounds and is made of stylish, moisture-resistant bamboo that combines aesthetics with practicality.


Essential and precious reserve oils allow you to customize your shower experience. Transport yourself to a woodsy, earthy-scented forest or invigorate your senses with something spicy and sweet. 

Made from 100% organic ingredients, ThermaSol’s aromatherapy essential oils use healing scents to help you relax as you scrub away the worries of everyday life. 

When combined with a shower steamhead, essential oils can create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in your bathroom: 

  • Bulgarian Rose Absolute
  • Egyptian Geranium
  • Energize Oil Blend
  • French Lavender
  • French Roman Chamomile
  • French Rosemary
  • Italian Bergamot Citrus
  • Italian Neroli
  • Madagascar Ylang Ylang
  • Portuguese Eucalyptus

No-Fog Mirrors

Steamy and high-temperature showers are certain to make most mirrors fog up. Luckily, fog-free mirrors work both inside and outside your shower, letting you see your reflection clearly. Fog-free mirrors are a bathroom upgrade idea that’s especially useful for those on the go who don’t have time to wait for the fog to clear before prepping for the day. 

ThermaSol mirrors come in four engaging shapes to complement your existing aesthetic. 

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Unwind or pump yourself up with your favorite artists and tunes with Bluetooth speakers that can withstand even the steamiest, warmest showers. At Thermasol, we offer both traditional and Bluetooth shower speakers to make bringing clear, high-quality sound to your shower a breeze. 

Steam Shower Packages

For a shower experience that’s consistent from head to toe, look to steam as your best friend. Our steam shower packages include all you’ll need to achieve your idea of perfection. 

ThermaSol’s steam control kits let you customize your steam shower to your precise needs:

  • ThermaTouch Controls: An in-shower touchscreen that controls your steam, water flow, shower audio, and lighting modes. 
  • Signature Control Kit: A Thermostat-like controller that lets you preset the temperatures and timing of your steam and showerhead’s capabilities. 
  • SignaTouch 5” Control Kit: An in-shower touchscreen that works with more advanced shower heads like the HydroVive Rainheads.
  • MicroTouch Control Kit: A small, circular controller that excels at reading temperatures accurately and lets you set specific durations for showers.


Upgrading to a Steam Shower

For the most transformative master bathroom upgrade ideas, there aren’t many upgrades that outmatch a well-designed, fully programmable steam shower. To avoid unnecessary and unplanned costs, it’s important to understand the elements involved before you start.

1. Choose the Right Steam Shower Package for You

First, identify which type of steam shower you want for your bathroom. Many steam control kits also directly connect to your showerhead, letting you adjust the time, duration, and amount of steam produced. The right upgrade for you will depend on your bathroom’s needs. Enter the size of your shower space into ThermaSol’s configurator to begin customizing your experience. 

2. Find a Location for Your Steam Generator

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, you may need to place the generator outside the bathroom. ThermaSol generators can be placed up to 50 feet away from the shower. The ideal location could be the basement, attic, closet, kitchen cabinet, or garage, as long as the garage’s temperatures don’t drop below freezing. 

3. Consult with ThermaSol for Unique Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

Whether you have big ideas of your own or need some help getting started,  schedule an appointment with our consultants who will ensure delivery and installation goes quickly and smoothly. ThermaSol is here to help you learn how to upgrade your shower with minimal stress. Our commitment to bringing innovative and exclusive wellness upgrades into your home means we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

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