How to Detox in a Day: The Ultimate Steam Detoxification

April 6, 2023 | Tips & How-To, Wellness Seeker

Detoxing your body can allow you to both literally and figuratively purge your body of potential toxic remnants of the past, allowing you to shift your focus to the present. In addition to dietary changes and meditation, many people have incorporated steam showers and steam rooms into their detox days with rather positive results. 

Let’s go over how you can use steam to detox your body today! 

How to Detox Your Body in a Day with Steam

Your body expels toxins through natural processes, such as breathing, metabolizing, and sweating. Because of this, many have found steam showers incredibly useful for detoxing, particularly skin detoxing. 

A reliable steam detox package can help your body release salt, fat and toxins through sweat. It  also allows you to relax and reflect, especially when combined with other detox strategies. 

Detox Naturally

To detoxify your body in a day, start by ensuring you’re putting the right food and drink into your system. 

Many people choose to only drink water on detox days. You might also decide to drink specific shakes, teas and juices to release toxins and help your body heal. Beverages like green tea, lemon water and cucumber water are all popular options.

The foods you choose will likely depend on your preferences and the type of detox you want. Green vegetables, such as broccoli and kale, are especially ideal. Citrus fruits and ginger are also great ingredients to look out for.

Mindfulness and Meditation Exercises

Performing a meditative or mindful exercise before, during, or after your steam detox can seriously improve your mental and physical detox experience. 

Through meditation, you can calm both your mind and body, letting you work through stressors and be more aware of your feelings. Research suggests meditation can even help lower your blood pressure, improve your breathing and boost your metabolism. 

Consider journaling before or after your detox, doing controlled breathing exercises as you relax into the steam, or following a guided meditation session to help your mind feel as relaxed as your body.

Soothing Sounds

While the sounds of the steam or a shower are often soothing on their own, putting on other relaxing music or sounds during your steam detox and throughout your day can be beneficial.

Like meditation, calming sounds cue our bodies to relax and help us focus on ourselves. When you feel calm and safe, you can help promote the release of feel-good hormones and cut down on those related to stress, like cortisol. Examples of soothing sounds  include:

  • Slow, familiar music
  • White noise
  • Calming, low-pitched tones
  • Guided meditation

With a Thermasol steam package, you can access high-quality shower speakers, aromatherapy and customizable lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for a detox. 

Steam Room vs. Sauna for Detox

Steam rooms and saunas are both believed to be equitably efficient for detoxing. The primary difference is that saunas use dry heat while steam rooms are filled with moisture. 

Both types of detox rooms can be effective, but which you use can depend on your personal preference. For example, perhaps you find it easier to incorporate your shower into a steam room, or maybe you prefer the environment of a sauna. 

However, remember that neither a sauna nor a steam shower have to be inaccessible. With Thermasol you can bring a luxurious steam shower and even a relaxing sauna straight into your home.

Specific Detox Day Strategies

Everyone treats their detox days differently, often leading to different results. Which type of detox is right for you may depend on the tools you can access, such as steam showers and teas. Your day may also vary based on the parts of your body that need detoxifying. 

How to Detox Your Lungs

Breathing in steam during a steam shower is believed to help detoxify your lungs. For the best effect, practice breathing exercises during and after your steam shower, such as breathing in for seven seconds and out for ten seconds. Other methods include drinking tea or water and putting steam or air purifiers in your room.

How to Detox for Skin Acne

Steam showers are believed to be great for skin detoxes, as they encourage sweat and some toxins to naturally exit your body through your pores. 

Introducing natural foods like rice, beans and quinoa into your diet can also improve skin quality, especially if you continue this diet after detox day. Using face masks, acne creams and other skin products with natural ingredients can also improve your skin. 

Elevate Your Detox with Steam

Improve your steam detox by installing an all-inclusive, in-home steam shower system. Thermasol’s custom shower systems offer the best accessories, steam kits and add-ons for a tranquil, refreshing detox experience. The Thermasol digital temperature controls even allow you to customize your steaming experience to create the perfect setup for your needs. 

Schedule an appointment today to learn how Thermasol can give you the steam shower of your dreams. 

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