Everything You Need to Know About Building Your Own Home Steam Shower

October 18, 2019 | Tips & How-To

Imagine a spa with hot, healing steam, a personalized, soothing playlist, and a custom control panel all working together for your own comfort, relaxation, and wellness. Now imagine having this luxurious experience in your own bathroom, whenever you wanted it.

In-home saunas, steam rooms, and steam showers used to be a luxury too good to be true, but with all the great options on the market these days, it’s not only possible, it’s downright doable.

And best of all, you don’t need to be a tech wiz or construction expert to make it happen. Whether you’re remodeling your entire home or just giving your bathroom some extra love, building your own home steam shower is easier than you think, and well worth the effort for a mind and body paradise.

Visualize Your Home Spa Experience

First, do a little self-inventory and decide what you want from your shower. Think about your daily routine, what you use each day, and what features you’d like. Come up with a wishlist of options to guide your decisions. Do you want a place to sit down and relax? Digital control over shower temperature? Changing lights, aromatherapy? What about auto-heating bathroom mirrors that stay fog-free?

This is your dream shower, and ThermaSol has plenty of custom products and accessories to pick from. Let your imagination run wild– there are no wrong answers! Once you have a vision of your personal slice of heaven, it’s time to

Decide Which Options Will Make Your Dream A Reality

Your next step is to find a steam shower service provider and go over your options. Typically, your provider will help you assess your space, your budget, and your goals to give you the options most suitable for your project. In most instances, you’ll need some combination of things for your home steam shower, sauna, or spa, including:

  •       Steam generator
  •       Interior/exterior control kits
  •       Shower lights, seats, or speakers
  •       Accessories such as no-fog mirrors, hand shower, or rain canopy

Of course, professional providers will be able to walk you through every step in the process, so you don’t need to worry about becoming an expert in everything your shower needs.

Choose a Steam Generator

You can’t have a steam shower without a steam generator! Steam generators are small units that sit behind your shower wall and produce consistent, temperature-controlled steam. Each generator contains a series of heating coils connected to your steam shower control kit; all you have to do is press a button and watch the shower fill with hot, rejuvenating steam.

The size and style of generator will depend on how big your shower is. Bigger showers need bigger generators with higher voltages, so make sure you know the dimensions of your layout before shopping. Your service provider should offer several different residential generator options for you to choose from, but, no matter what, they’ll create clouds of hot, luxurious steam in just a few seconds.

Choose a Control Kit

Steam is one thing, but what really sets an ordinary bathroom apart from a full in-home spa is having an integrated control system. Wouldn’t it be great if you could control every aspect of your morning routine through a touchscreen? Smart showers are a must for any true smart home enthusiast.

You can set the mood with lighting, turn on music, adjust water temperatures, set timers, and even activate aromatherapy. With the right steam shower control kit, these features aren’t just hypothetical—they’re normal parts of your daily routine.

At ThermaSol, our digital shower options include a variety of touchscreens, LCD monitors, and MicroTouch sensors to give you plenty of ways to hone in on your perfect home spa experience.

Look over your control kit options and find one that suits your personal needs alongside the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Upgrade With the Right Accessories

Here’s where you can really get creative in customizing your steam shower. With the right accessories, you can take your steam shower to a whole new level.

Just picture it. You’re getting ready for a shower, so you turn on the steam. As the bathroom fills with relaxing warmth and soothing moisture, you set up a bit of ambient music (through your Bluetooth speakers) and place a drop of essential oils into your steam head. Add in a dash of soft mood lighting, and voila—you’ve created an unforgettable spa experience. And you haven’t even set foot in the shower yet!

If you’ve never had a steam shower before, that upgrade alone is pretty exciting. But once you try a full steam shower decked out with accessories, you’ll never want a normal shower again.

Building Your Own Steam Shower

There’s a lot that goes into steam shower planning, but don’t get too overwhelmed with the details. Have fun with the process and take your time planning things out. And don’t worry too much about the cost. A study by Zillow found that adding a steam shower to a home increased its average resale value by 31%, which means that your steam shower effectively pays for itself when you decide to sell your home.

But regardless of your long-term plans, take your time, review your options carefully, and above all, enjoy yourself. Your new home spa isn’t far away.

Get started designing your steam shower!

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