Home Improvements for Aging in Place with Comfort and Grace

June 3, 2021 | Inspiration

Home improvements are made through the many stages of life, from personalizing and sprucing up the home after the initial purchase, to making spaces for children, as well as modifying the home for aging in place to create a comfortable and functional home for enjoying the golden years of life.

Modifications to homes to adjust to senior living are becoming increasingly relevant, as the fastest-growing segment of the population are those 65 and older, who will account for 19.1% of the total population in 2026, up from 17.1% in 2020, according to the United States Aging Survey.

Additionally, the United States Aging Survey found that many Americans over the age of 65 are looking to stay in their homes as they age, which is why home improvements are key to ensuring that their living spaces are conducive to a safe, comfortable lifestyle in tranquil surroundings.

The Home Improvement Research Institute found in a study that 91% of general remodelers said that incorporating aging-in-place aspects into projects is a priority. As part of this trend, we asked Joan Barton, Founder of the construction firm Dirty Girl Construction, to give us her thoughts on designing for aging in place. She notes that among bathroom trends, self-care is a major priority, with spaces to read or practice yoga and meditation, steam showers, and saunas all near the top of the list.

“People are valuing their mental and physical health at an all-time high,” Joan says. “Quite simply, we are living longer and our designs need to address these effects. While there was previously a lot of negativity associated with seeing items in the home that signal aging… longevity should be viewed as stability, security and prosperity, and we should treat ourselves as the successes we are.”

Our Smart Shower with steam aligns with Joan’s recommendations, as users can enjoy the host of relaxing benefits convenience of hands-free voice activation. Adding a Smart Shower with steam can not only be a restorative wellness decision but also cost-effective, especially when considering that the price to remodel the home is much more affordable than uprooting and moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility, according to Retirement Living. With the variety of products offered by ThermaSol, homeowners looking to stay in their home as long as possible during their retirement years have many options to secure a health-promoting shower for a custom, relaxing experience.

Building your own steam shower or choosing from our wellness packages promotes a wholly customizable, comprehensive shower experience that will last for years to come. Additional home improvements for aging in place range from adding a grab bar to installing comfort-height toilets, to replacing stairs with a chair-lift.

With the importance of aging-in-place for home improvement professionals, supported by Joan’s comments about longevity, it is worth looking at upgrading your home for specific elements – most notably a wellness- and relaxation-focused steam shower experience – that can make retirement a quality experience.

Check out the ThermaSol website to learn about our holistic approach to wellness right in your own home, with options that will promote aging-in-place, and aging-in-grace.

Learn more about Dirty Girl Construction here.

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