PRO Series Generators

Delivering the most advanced, dependable steam shower system for 65 years, providing you with a lifetime wellness experience.

Steam… Simple as I-II-III

As one of the industry’s most technologically advanced and robust steam generators today, the PRO Series has set the benchmark for achieving modern wellness at home.

ThermaSol Exclusive Features

Combining revolutionary smart home technology with six decades of engineering expertise, ThermaSol has created the most advanced steam generator available on the market today. Delivering the highest quality steam shower experience, ThermaSol’s PRO Series generators provide constant steam, temperature control and care-free maintenance, all backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

ThermaSol PRO Series Essential Steam Generator - 84

Smart Steam Technology

Available on ProSeries™️ III models only. SmartSteam produces the precise volume of steam required to maintain your desired room temperature while providing a quiet, relaxed experience.

ThermaSol PRO Series Essential Steam Generator - 84

SteamVection Technology

State-of-the-art floor-to-ceiling temperature uniformity within the steam shower. No more variable heat ranges. Also allows the closest proximity to the outlet to give you more usable shower space.

ThermaSol PRO Series Essential Steam Generator - 84

Split Tank Technology

Provides steam at a constant rate while ensuring trouble-free reliability! Water is pre-heated in the steam generator’s water reservoir and passes to the boiling side on demand.

ThermaSol PRO Series Essential Steam Generator - 84

Powerflush Cleaning

Finally, an effective way to automatically purge calcification build-up from the inner tank of the steam generator. ThermaSol’s exclusive Powerflush technology uses concentrated household water pressure with integrated speed slots to sweep the bottom of the internal tank, removing build-up effectively and efficiently.

ThermaSol PRO Series Essential Steam Generator - 84


ThermaSol offers the best warranty program in the industrya Lifetime Parts & Labor Warranty, no questions asked! 

Generator Comparison

ThermaSol PRO Series Essential Steam Generator - 84
Pro Series I
ThermaSol PRO Series II Advanced Steam Generator - 84
Pro Series II
ThermaSol PRO Series III Ultimate Steam Generator - 84
Pro Series III
ThermaSol Exclusive
No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Parts & Labor Warranty.
ThermaSol Exclusive
Latest Digital Technology
The Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) is the nervous system, enabling intelligent communication through all connected ThermaSol devices.
ThermaSol Exclusive
Constant Steam at a Constant Rate
Consistent steam delivered into the shower space eliminating "bursts" or "lag" often found with other manufacturers.
ThermaSol Exclusive
Split Tank Technology
Exclusive internal tank design providing reliability and longevity.
ThermaSol Exclusive
FastStart Technology
Steam is produced in a matter of seconds for an efficient and effective way of getting up to your set desired temperature.
ThermaSol Exclusive
PowerFlush The Most Advanced Cleaning System
Most competitors use a drain gravity system which does not completely eliminate sediment. ThermaSol uses a pressurized inner tank system to remove sediment.
Custom Stainless Steel Drain Pan
Providing protection and peace of mind.
Smart Steam - The Ultimate in Temperature Control
Smart Steam combines the ultimate intelligence technology providing consistent steam temperature control and energy efficiency—truly an unparalleled steam therapy experience.

Selecting the Correct Size Steam Generator

Simple Sizing Formula: LxWxH = Cubic Feet
For ceilings up to 8 feet, follow the formula of the calculator to select your generator.
For 8-9 foot ceilings, choose the next size generator.
For 9-10 foot ceilings, go up 2 generator sizes.
Over 10 feet, please call us for sizing.
All interior wall material is irrelevant thanks to ThermaSol’s exceptional engineering.

What Size/Model Generator Do I Need?

Finding your optimum generator size is as easy as measuring your shower.

Step 1: Determine cubic feet below.

Step 2: Find your generator model using the chart below.

Step 3: For 8-9 ft ceilings, choose the next generator size.
For 9-10 ft ceilings, go up 2 generator sizes.
Over 10 ft., please call us for sizing.

Shower SizeAvailable Pro Series Generators
Up to 84 cubic ft.PROI-84; PROII-84; PROIII-84;
85-140 cubic ft.PROI-140; PROII-140; PROIII-140;
141-240 cubic ft.PROI-240; PROII-240; PROIII-240;
241-395 cubic ft.PROI-395; PROII-395; PROIII-395;
396-575 cubic ft.PROII-575; PROIII-575;
576-750 cubic ft.PROII-750; PROIII-750;
751-1200 cubic ft.PROII-1200; PROIII-1200;

See what our customers are saying

Three stars

If anyone is thinking about a steam unit, they would be really foolish to consider anything else.

Kevin V.
Los Angeles, CA

The best units on the market, made by a company that goes out of the way to put their customers first - what's not to love?

Michael K. Leesburg

I've never deal with a company as customer-oriented as Thermasol. On a scale of 0-10, my experience has been 12.

Ashraf A.
Frederick, MD

Have specified this product on multiple occasions. Their customer service and technical support team is fantastic. I love this product and will continue to recommend it to my clients and friends.

Sarah G.
Fair Oaks, CA

We absolutely love our ThermaSol steam unit, and we use it several times a week. It has had only one problem in 8.5 years, and ThermaSol's customer service was WORLD CLASS.

Rich C.
Santa Barbara, CA

I wasn't familiar with this brand until I started designing our master bathroom. I thought I would go all Kohler, but the retailer I worked with turned me on to ThermaSol when he learned I was interested in creating a steam shower. ThermaSol truly stands out for incredible build quality, well integrated design, and outstanding customer service. I'm so glad I made this investment.

Paul F.
Brooklyn, NY

Love my ThermaSol! Just put a second ThermaSol in my vacation home and I have a ThermaSol from 2003 in my main house that has had no issues and still runs great to this day. Do the power flush thing once or twice a month like instructions say, and your generator will last forever!

Rayne A.