Digital Shower Package

Customization awaits. With our Digital Shower Valve, we eliminated the need for a bunch of knobs and controls; so your vision can take center stage. Consider it innovation for the influencers.

The package includes your choice of smart control (ThermaTouch or SignaTouch) and Digital Shower Valve.

Control Options

ThermaSol ThermaTouch


ThermaSol SignaTouch



ThermaSol Digital Shower Valve

Digital Shower Valve

Designer Finishes

We Want to Build Your Perfect Shower

Three stars

If anyone is thinking about a steam unit, they would be really foolish to consider anything else.

Kevin V.
Los Angeles, CA

The best units on the market, made by a company that goes out of the way to put their customers first – what’s not to love?

Michael K. Leesburg

I’ve never deal with a company as customer-oriented as Thermasol. On a scale of 0-10, my experience has been 12.

Ashraf A.
Frederick, MD

Have specified this product on multiple occasions. Their customer service and technical support team is fantastic. I love this product and will continue to recommend it to my clients and friends.

Sarah G.
Fair Oaks, CA