Designing for Wellness with Technology

May 21, 2020 | Inspiration, Tips & How-To

It might be hard to believe, but we’ve been pioneers in the home steam industry since 1958.

We’ve seen the industry blossom into one that now fully embraces the benefits of steam showers, and the importance of a self-care ritual for health and wellness. We recently sponsored a discussion hosted by Josh Cooperman of Convo By Design and interior designer Jhoiey Ramirez of Studio Jhoiey about designing for wellness and incorporating technology into bathroom design.

Check out the video of our discussion below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Some of the highlights:

Room Size

To create a calm and soothing bathroom environment, Jhoiey advises using soothing finishes, indirect lighting, natural settings and the products and accessories to create a Zen environment regardless of the size of the room.

While Jhoiey Ramirez showed us projects from clients with large spaces and budgets, she also gave us a sneak peek at the Master Bathroom she’s designing for the Pasadena Showhouse.

That particular space has room for a tub and a steam shower, but she pointed out that the width of the shower and the ceiling height were both fairly standard and yet she is still able to install ThermaSol’s SteamVection Steamhead, Serenity, Light, Sound, Rainhead, multiple shower sprays, and a ThermaTouch Smart Touchscreen Control. Together, these digital shower accessories will manage all aspects of the user’s shower and steam experience.

In fact, moderately sized spaces heat up more efficiently and Josh pointed out that installing (or retrofitting) a steam shower increases property value, no matter the size of your bathroom.

How is all of this technology important to a wellness routine? Because our Touchscreen Control is compatible with Alexa, it offers 360° control for an immersive digital shower experience. Easily programmed, the Touchscreen Control manages the steam duration and temperature, audio and lighting options. Utilizing the power of the Android operating system, the new ThermaTouch Smart Touchscreen Control is now also an app platform hosting 30+ most popular downloadable apps, including relaxing sounds, video streaming, music, weather, news and sports on live TV. This is complete personalization.

Design by Studio Jhoiey

Bringing in the Outside

Jhoiey mentioned that in each project, having a view to the outside is an aspect that she tries to emphasize. In one project she was able to place a bathtub outside facing the ocean – now that’s luxury!

We know not everyone will have that type of view, and if you are craving the sounds of the sea, or the wind whispering through a forest, you can recreate that using our ThermaTouch Tranquility Scenes. We have nine pre-programmed relaxing scenes that will soothe your restless spirit.

Engaging All of Your Senses

Along with choosing natural materials for a bathroom design, homeowners can also utilize ThermaSol’s Chromatherapy lights and our SteamVection Steamhead with aromatherapy well to indulge and yet energize all of your senses.

The sleek all-in-one Serenity Light, Sound, Rainhead delivers chromatherapy, sound therapy and a gentle falling water sensation through our Bluetooth® enabled ThermaTouch Smart Touchscreen Control.

Designed to integrate seamlessly into an existing bath environment, this system features a ceiling-mounted single self-contained module that can be installed without access from above. A gradually changing mood lighting mode generates a calming spectrum of color, while other chromatherapy settings correspond to different chakras for an added sense of balance and wellbeing. Voice response feedback and a built-in, high-performance audio system further contribute to a truly soothing shower experience.

As always, we wish you health, happiness and wellness.

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