Customize Your Wellness Routine With A ThermaSol Smart Shower

December 26, 2019 | Smart Spa, Weekend Warrior, Wellness Seeker

Customizing Your Wellness Routine With the ThermaSol Smart Shower

Whether the day begins or ends in the shower, one thing is for sure—bathing comprises a large portion of our daily lives. While showering is a hygienic necessity, it can also be a ritual that not only cleanses our bodies but our minds and souls as well.

It’s a time to meditate rejuvenate, wind down or wake up, so why not get the most out of showering by transforming this daily task into a personalized wellness experience.
Now, by utilizing state-of-the-art technology, creating your own customized showering and wellness environment is just a click away.

Read on for some customization tips on how to shower exactly the way you want.


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A thoughtful marriage of earthy hues, mixed metallics and steam technology create the perfect bath escape. Design by Kate Falconer.

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Pure Personalization

Imagine that every time you step into your shower it’s set at your ideal water temperature and volume. Sounds luxurious, right? Well with the ThermaSol Smart Shower, that experience can become a daily ritual.

ThermaSol’s clever, performance-engineered products allow you to customize and control every part of your daily showering experience—from precision water volume and temperature control, to selecting your preferred water outlets, to activating steam, sound and light therapy systems.

And now that the Smart Shower is available with Amazon Alexa, your customized wellness routine is just a voice command away.

Intuitive Integration

Taking customization to the next level is the ThermaTouch LCD digital shower valve which directly connects the users to their wellness, relaxation, entertainment and enjoyment.

Intuitive, visually non-intimidating, and interactive, the controls are comparable to any smart mobile device or technology-based appliance.

Whether you’re listening to music or watching streaming apps, showering just got a lot more fun.

Serenity Now

To create an all-encompassing, ultra-sensory shower experience, the Serenity Light, Sound, Rainhead delivers a gradually changing mood lighting mode that generates a soothing spectrum of color. It also features a high-performance speaker that can either relax you after a long day or energize you for what’s ahead.

For an even more elevated wellness ritual, just add two to four drops of your favorite essential oils to the SteamVection steamhead reservoir and feel the soothing effects of aromatherapy. Paired with gently falling water, this multi-sensory experience will leave you feeling pampered and fresh.

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