Chromatherapy—What Is It and Should I Have It In My Steam Shower Kit?

October 1, 2021 | Smart Spa

Self-care is all the rage these days — and for good reason. Navigating through the pandemic has
presented everyone with challenges, both mental and physical. It’s no wonder that people are
trying to find healthy ways to manage their moods and stress levels. Chromatherapy is one
self-care practice that many people are now interested in.

What Is Chromatherapy?

Think about the way you feel when you stare into a warm fire. How do you feel when you’re
surrounded by the warm orange and yellow glow? Or what about the airy, spacious feeling you
get walking into a cool, light blue room? These feelings aren’t just created by the surroundings
themselves, but rather by the color that they’re bathed in.

Chromatherapy—also known as chromotherapy or color therapy—is when you bathe in different
light colors to influence and balance your mood, spiritual and emotional wellness, and overall
well-being. Color therapy is closely related to chakra awareness; therefore, many of the effects of
each color are closely correlated with their related chakras.

Chromatherapy is a relatively new field of research, so published scientific studies are limited.
However, those who have studied it have found it has many benefits, including treating seasonal
affective disorder and neonatal jaundice. In fact, many who focus on steam room design have
found that incorporating chromatherapy into residential steam shower designs and custom steam
shower systems are growing in demand among those focused on wellness.

What are the Benefits of Chromatherapy?

The benefits of chromatherapy are as diverse as the color spectrum itself. Though experts differ
in the nuances of the benefits of each color, the overall message remains consistent: each color
focuses on a different part of your well-being and is divided into two categories, warm and cool.

● Cool colors are generally associated with peace and tranquility.
● Warm colors tend to be more stimulating.

Cool Colors

Green is associated with the heart chakra and nature. Green color therapy helps to relieve stress
in the mind and body and promotes an overall feeling of relaxation. Bathing in green light also
helps to alleviate feelings of toxicity.

Blue is associated with the throat chakra. Blue light helps to promote relaxation but in a more
specific way. The throat chakra is related to expression, and blue light bathing can help in
peaceful and rational expression. It also helps you to become more sensitive and in tune with
your physical senses.

Being associated with the “third eye,” purple light is one of the most spiritual in chromatherapy
— bathing in purple light aids in spiritual clarity. If you’re feeling mentally and spiritually
anxious or foggy, purple light can help to calm your anxiety and give you a mental focus that you
were lacking before.

White is associated with the highest chakra of all—the crown chakra. This color of light
represents purity and is used in generating mental clarity, a sense of higher purpose, and a feeling
of spacious possibilities. You will likely feel a strong sense of being free while bathing in this
light. That’s why daily exposure to sunlight is so important to our happiness.

Warm Colors

Yellow is an emotional color. It can generate feelings of optimism, cheer, and a sense of
ambition. Being related to the belly chakra, it is also thought to assist with a healthy metabolism
and digestion.

Orange moves a rung lower in the body to the pelvic chakra. Orange light invites vigor into the
body, invoking passion and a desire for abundance. It is also great for relieving discontented and
pessimistic feelings.

Red is the color of survival. Red light evokes independence, conjures strong physical fortitude,
and inspires perseverance. Bathing in red light is also used to enhance physical healing during a
time of injury.

How are People Using Chromatherapy?

A great way to use chromatherapy in your daily life is with a steam shower kit. When you set
aside a meditative space for ritual care where deep breathing and wellness are the central
purposes, you set yourself up to fully receive the benefits of chromatherapy.

Before you go out and Google “buy steam room,” however, recognize that steam shower design
and building a steam shower isn’t just about creating an aesthetically pleasing space. It’s about
creating a feeling within yourself. When it comes to true long-term wellness, an in-home steam
shower, home steam room, or your average shower accessories will only take you so far.

The best steam shower unit is only as good as the atmosphere it creates. A Thermasol
chromatherapy steam shower kit allows you to create both the internal and external atmosphere
you need to connect your mind and body. Thermasol’s knowledge and expertise in residential
steam shower equipment and custom shower systems make it the ideal choice for your in-home
steam shower.

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