Bathroom Designs Now: High-Tech Innovations

December 10, 2021 | Inspiration, Smart Spa

Technology has enhanced virtually every facet of our lives, from the convenience of communication with
cellphones to watching a life-like movie at home with a hi-def TV, to advancements with tech in the bathroom
to create a personalized wellness retreat right at home. From our Smart Shower with a waterproof
touchscreen control that allows users to view relaxing scenes or even watch live TV from inside the shower to
a smart toilet that can provide health stats, the possibilities are endless. Here we look at five high-tech
bathroom products and shower accessories that can improve your life.

Smart Shower with Steam

We’ve been extolling the virtues of steam for 60+ years, so we know a thing or two about Smart Showers
and steam, having invented the first residential steam shower in 1958. Our Smart Shower with steam
helps to create a relaxing oasis in the bathroom through visual nature and relaxation Tranquility scenes,
chromatherapy mode to balance energy centers of the body, and steam which can relieve stress,
improve breathing, relax muscles, and improve sleep.

Smart Toilet

Who knew that a day might exist when your toilet could provide health stats? That day has arrived! Some
have even predicted that smart toilets could be the most helpful at-home medical device, analyzing
gastrointestinal data, vitamin deficiencies, and major health issues with stool analysis. Other smart toilets
include features like water efficiency, personalized cleansing and drying functions, a heated seat, and even
high-quality built-in speakers and lighting.

Lighting & Sound

It’s no secret that color and lighting have an effect on mood. Our new HydroVive Rainhead is one incredible
steam shower accessory. It’s integrated with 200 dimmable LED lights that offer a full spectrum of color, a
built-in 100-watt RMS amplifier with digital signal processor and four state-of-the-art speakers for a
multi-sensory, luxury experience in your in-home steam shower. Users can also choose chromatherapy mode
on the ThermaTouch Control, thought to apply healing color to different chakras, or energy centers of the

Smart Water Detectors

Another group of smart devices that can improve your life are smart home water detectors that not only help
homeowners monitor their water usage, but can also detect and prevent catastrophic leaks. Smart water
detectors can be placed around the house in areas that are vulnerable to water damage, such as laundry
rooms, basements or attics. When the monitor senses moisture, the device will message the homeowners
smartphone. Talk about helpful!

Smart Mirror

Smart mirrors are a trending bath product, integrated with a stereo sound system and microphone, so
homeowners can listen to music or the news or weather and even control other smart home devices using its
voice recognition aspect. Many smart mirrors also feature adjustable LED lights which help with makeup
application and motion sensor-activated night lights.

How are you feeling about all of this technology in the bathroom? Let us know your favorite!

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