Emerging Bathroom Design Trends for 2022

June 24, 2022 | Inspiration

As we head into summertime, we have noticed some emerging bathroom design trends that are taking shape this year. Functional bathroom design trends infused with wellness are taking center stage, from high tech smart showers with hands-free features to functional curbless showers that are streamlined and practical. To dive more into this topic, we have listed below the top five bathroom design trends on the rise in 2022.  

Relaxing Elements 

Homeowners are increasingly interested in wellness features in their bathroom, with 41% of respondents in a 2021 Houzz survey reporting that they use their bathroom for rest and relaxation. One of the best ways to melt away life’s stresses are through bathroom activities, from soothing bubble baths to aromatherapy and in-home steam showers. Many homeowners are asking designers for more wellness-infused elements in the bathroom, from upgraded bathtubs with massage jets to steam shower systems like our Smart Shower with Steam, which offers many health benefits from relieving stress and relaxing muscles to rejuvenating skin and detoxifying the body.  

Warm Metals 

As homeowners seek to create safety and security in their homes from the anxiety of the pandemic, warm metals like gold and bronze have become a focal point of bathroom design. Many manufacturers offer a range of plumbing, lighting and bath accessories awash in warm golden shades to add depth and warmth to the bathroom.  


Another effect of the pandemic on bathroom design trends has been a return to the tranquility and grounding palettes of the natural world. From deep browns to rich reds and forest greens, earth tones have been integrated in a variety of spaces throughout the home to deepen the human connection with nature. Living design elements like plants and greenery have also become more popular, not only for the biophilic effect but also for health benefits like air purification.  


Thinking green has not only been a color choice for design palettes in 2022, but an ethical design focus as homeowners and designers seek to improve their carbon footprint while improving the durability and longevity of a home. The use of recyclable materials has been on the rise in bathroom design, from upcycled wood used to build homes to recycled glass window panes.  

Curbless Showers 

The open format of a curbless shower has been increasingly popular for the spa-like feeling it creates and seeming ability to expand the size of the bathroom. This type of layout is designed so the shower floor is sloped toward the drain as an efficient way to keep water out of the bathroom. Curbless showers are also more ADA accessible and easy-to-clean.  

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