“Alexa, Tell Smart Shower to Turn On”

August 30, 2023 | Smart Spa

In this rapidly advanced time of modern living, smart home technology continues to expand throughout our living spaces. From the moment we wake up to the time we lay down, we are constantly using technology in our everyday lives. No longer confined to specific areas, technology is being integrated in our own personal spaces, including the shower.

With a ThermaSol Smart Shower, you can customize your shower experience by controlling temperature, water pressure, sound and steam with a swipe of your finger or voice command. Simply pair your ThermaSol in-shower smart control with one of the most popular virtual assistant technologies today, “Alexa” and take your showering experience to the next level.

Use Voice Control for Your Smart Home Shower

With our ThermaTouch in-shower touchscreen, you can manage and control all aspects of your shower with a simple touch or voice command. Seamlessly integrated with “Alexa,” users can effortlessly make personalized adjustments to water settings, steam levels, soundscapes, chromatherapy or even accessing your preferred streaming apps.

Here are a few ways Alexa can be used with ThermaSol’s ThermaTouch control:


Achieve personalized and impeccable shower water temperature when paired with our HydroVive Rainhead, allowing users to control the flow and temperature of water.


Take complete command over your steam session by adjusting the temperature and duration, allowing you to indulge in the ultimate steam experience.


Play your favorite music or podcast when paired with our HydroVive Rainhead or in-shower Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to unwind and relax in the comfort of your own smart shower.


Balance the power of light and energy in your smart shower, creating the perfect vibe and harmonization.


Watch your favorite binge-worthy TV show, stream live news channel or your favorite movie through a wide selection of apps while effortlessly relaxing in your smart shower.

To learn how to set up your ThermaTouch with your Amazon Alexa device, click on this video link or read our manual to get started. Get started today and build your own customized ThermaSol steam shower with our easy-to-use shower configurator.

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