Over 55 Years of Steam Shower Innovation

ThermaSol has a 55-year tradition of steam industry firsts, beginning with the creation of the first residential steam bath in 1958 and continuing today with the launch of the Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head and the ThermaTouch 7” LCD touchscreen controller with Tranquility scenes - all designed to bring a new multi-sensory experience to the home spa.


ThermaSol is founded by David Altman, who designs, builds and installs the first mini-electric steam shower for a luxury Park Avenue apartment with his apprentice son, Murray. Affluent homeowners almost immediately gravitate towards the steam shower, as they recognize it as a luxury home amenity with health and relaxation benefits.

July 7, 1958 It all starts with David Altman’s Patent #3007178 for a combination steam bath and shower.

1967 Sol, ThermaSol’s proverbial mascot and steam ambassador is born.

1968 Legendary Interior Designer, Dorothy Draper designed bath- room concepts and incorporates ThermaSol steam bathing.


June 29, 1970 The steam shower experience is taken to the next level with Murray Altman’s Patent #3655135 for a steam outlet head with dispenser for fragrances and/or medicants.

Murray takes over operations of ThermaSol, and begins expanding the ThermaSol model to the hotel industry. ThermaSol Steamsuites were installed in thousands of hotels and motels across the country.

1977 ThermaSol moves to Sylmar, California in order to accommodate their ever-expanding line of products, which now includes wall surrounds and whirlpool bathtubs.

1979 ThermaSol creates the world’s first patented self- cleaning whirlpool tub.


1983 Murray's son, Mitch, joins ThermaSol full-time

1989 Mitch officially takes over the company reigns, shifting ThermaSol’s focus from the whirlpool market back to steam bath products. Furthering steam shower innovations.

1991 ThermaSol adds two new digital time and temperature controls to their steam shower systems.

1993 ThermaSol moves to a 25,000 square- foot manufacturing facility in Simi Valley, California, the company’s current headquarters.


August 8, 1994 ThermaSol takes a significant step forward with Mitch Altman’s Patent #5616265 for a steam generating apparatus and method for controlling steam all-in-one.

1995 ThermaSol launches the first generation SmartSteam™ technology (PRO-HEAT), which produces the precise volume of steam required to maintain the desired room temperature while conserving energy.

PowerFlush™ is specifically engineered to purge calcification build-up from the inner-tan

1996 ThermaSol introduces Reflections, the first steam/fog free mirror fixture.

ThermaSol adds sauna heaters and sauna rooms to its line of steam bath products

October 28, 1996 ThermaSol systems become even more user-friendly with Mitch Altman’s Patent #5805765 for a wall- mounted steam generating apparatus and steamhead.


2001 Thermasol introduces its “In Shower Heavenly Fog Free Mirror collection”

ThermaSol launches the first Thermostatically Controlled Retractable steamhead, dispersing steam quietly and safely in a 360-degree pattern.

February 22, 2001 Safety and efficiency were top priorities with Mitch Altman’s Patent #6505781 for a self-contained, automatic, mechanically opening and closing steamhead with built-in thermostat.

2004 ThermaSol wins a GOOD DESIGN Award at Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design for its Thermostatically Controlled Retractable Steamhead with Integral Aroma Oil Well.

ThermaSol develops FastStart™ Technology, becoming the first steam manufacturer to develop a system that generates steam in seconds, not 4-8 minutes.

2005 ThermaSol introduces the ProSeries™ generators with SmartSteam™ and FastStart™, designed to make installation easy for plumbers. It is the top-selling unit to this day.


2006 ThermaSol becomes the first steam manufacturer to offer a complete steam shower experience by launching the Serenity Light & Music System.

May 21, 2008 A key technology for ThermaSol’s current steam shower systems is locked in with Mitch Altman’s Patent #5805765 for SmartSteam™, a steam generating apparatus with water cooled solid state switch.

2011 ThermaSol becomes the first steam shower manufacturer to integrate Bluetooth® technology in their Serenity Light & Music System package.

ThermaSol unveils 4 additional control series that match a wide range of faucet styles

2012 ThermaSol launches the steam shower’s first mobile control application, Solitude, giving users the ability to control everything from steam flow and duration to personal music playlists and TV from their mobile device — all while in the steam shower.