A Look at ThermaSol in a ‘Scandifornian’ Venice Home’s Luxurious Spa-Bathroom

April 15, 2022 | Inspiration

Following our previous blog about the historic renovation of the Californian Craftsman home in Venice, CA, here is an immersion into the recently completed second Venice Walk Streets Home: the Scandifornian Modern.   

Image Credit: @hereandnowagency

Inspired by a mix of Nordic, Japanese and Californian aesthetics, the style aims to be minimalist and high-tech with modernist touches to create a unique and warm atmosphere that fits in with the coastal landscape of Venice beach. The home’s duality between contemporary and casual is reflected by the combination of light and dark tones, mixing matte black metals with light woods.  

Image Credit: @hereandnowagency

The project once again involved the residential design studio at Abramson Architects, the interior designers Joan Behnke & Associates’ and M.E. Development. The design team wanted to showcase a contemporary design and a perfect layout for an active lifestyle. Each room is open and airy, using skylights and outdoor spaces to transition seamlessly between indoor and outdoor living, the ideal scenario for Southern California dwelling. 

“With this home, we had more flexibility in terms of design, which allowed for greater creativity.  We kept the aesthetic cleaner and more modern so that it could appeal to a broader, current audience.  It can be an entertainment home, with the ability to open all the doors and enjoy the pool as well as all the various outdoor spaces – front yard, roof terrace, etc.,” said interior designer Joan Behnke. 

Image Credit: @hereandnowagency

Fitting perfectly into this luxurious and high-tech home, the primary bathroom has instead been called the Primary Spa Suite, with all the necessary attributes to replicate this ultimate spa experience at home, including a light-filled atrium, luxury in-home steam shower and private water closet. “The design of the primary bathroom is very technologically advanced. We used calming colors and zen-like materials, like the crystalized marbles, lighter colors and contemporary cabinetry. The skylight also allows extra light into the room, so even if the Venice weather has some overcast skies, the space remains bright and airy,” said Joan.  

Image Credit: @hereandnowagency

Our steam shower with ThermaTouch, our smart in-shower touchscreen control, and Serenity Light, Sound are the standout spa features in the primary bath’s shower, which flaunts integrated soap niches complete with soft lighting. Joan describes the ThermaTouch as “an entirely new home spa experience. There are so many capabilities and scenes that one can enjoy, all within the relaxation of taking a shower.  Some of the features include music and visual scenes, as well as color therapy and different steam settings for a sauna-like experience.” The design team suggested taking a cold water bath in the deep soaking tub, followed by a steam shower to boost circulation and metabolism 

The modern Scandifornian vibe is embodied by the infinitely customizable shower, allowing the homeowner to follow a lounge at the pool or beach with a true spa-like experience, complete with the option to watch a movie or listen to music. If this has sparked inspiration for your next renovation, see more on how you can personalize your shower experience.

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