4 Tips for Maintaining Your Steam Shower

June 10, 2022 | Tips & How-To

Have you recently installed a soothing steam shower system or been a long-time steam aficionado? Either way, you will want to keep your in-home steam shower in the best possible shape to make sure the money you spent on a steam shower doesn’t go to waste and you can continue reaping all the many health and wellness benefits of steam for years to come. Below, we have listed the  top tips for keeping your steam shower in supreme shape.  

1. Choose a Generator with Automatic Flush  

As you use your personal steam shower, minerals in the water gradually build up which affect performance and the amount of energy required to operate. While most competitors use a drain gravity system which does not completely eliminate sediment, fortunately, we offer patented PowerFlush which is specifically designed to purge calcification buildup from the inner tank of the steam generator and increase the lifespan of the generator.  

2. Choice of Generator & Materials 

Some steam generators produce steam by turning on and off to boil water and release steam,  which not only creates annoying sounds but also uses more energy, which wears out the system faster.Our steam generators use patented split-tank technology to create SmartSteam which pre-heats the water in the steam generator and passes to the boiling side only at the exact rate of steam production for constant steam at a constant rate. Choosing a generator and drain pain constructed of stainless steel is another way to ensure the longevity of your steam shower. Our Pro Series III generator is constructed of stainless steel, the most corrosion-resistant material on the market, to ensure the longevity of your steam generator.  

3. Consider Water Softener 

Depending on where you live, hard water, which is a concentration of mineral deposits in your water, can lead to problems. Hard water can cause scale to accumulate over time, which reduces the life of your steam generator. While the PowerFlush system flushes out the steam generator after use, a water softener can be an added layer of protection to keep your steam running as smoothly as ever. Check out this list of the best water softeners on the market. Curious if your area has a hard water problem? View the U.S. hard water map for more info.  

4. Manual Clean  

It is a good idea to hire a plumber or authorized service technician to do a manual descaling of the generator unit every few years to ensure any deposits have been thoroughly removed to keep your steam generator working as optimally as possible.  

 Ready to install your steam shower? Use our Configurator to create a customized residential steam shower today.  

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