Smart Shower in 2021 Bath Trends: Hands-free Tech and Home Wellness Are Trending in 2021

March 26, 2021 | Inspiration

We are always looking at design trends; particularly those that help homeowners design a bathroom that’s personalized to their specifications. We were excited to see that that Kitchen & Bath Business’s new bath trends article featured smart home tech and adding a spa feel to your shower at home, which we are all about with our Smart Shower!

Hands-free tech has seen a surge of popularity within the past year, with the pandemic making people more aware of how to clean their surfaces for their family’s health. With hands-free tech, bacterial and viral transmission is kept to a minimum, which is part of the benefit of our Smart Shower’s Alexa compatibility for hands-free activation. The Smart Shower also allows you to set personalized controls for a relaxing, spa feel at home on your own terms.

You also have the option of adding steam to your smart shower, a great way to add a high-end spa feel in the comfort of your own home. The ThermaSol SteamVection Steamhead offers a consistent distribution of steam across all parts of your shower. The steam is even integrated with a reservoir to drop in ThermaSol’s line of organic Aromatherapy essential oils.

Adding more spa elements to your shower, like the Kitchen & Bath Business suggested, will make staying home a much more relaxing experience – something we all need coming off a turbulent year like 2020. Smart Shower Kits allow you to personalize your wellness routine, choosing lights, sounds, and temperature all at your fingertips or your voice – relaxation to the max, all in the comfort of your own space.

Thinking of adding a Smart Shower with steam to your existing bathroom? It is easier than you might expect! You can easily retrofit your bathroom for steam.

At ThermaSol, we are committed to staying on top of continuing and upcoming bath trends, and will deliver unmatched customer service and craftsmanship in every project and product.

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