Solitude Mobile Application

As the steam shower’s first and only mobile control application, Solitude literally puts the ThermaSol steam shower system and the entire Web in the palm of your hands via Apple® iOS or Android™ mobile devices.

2012 DPHA Innovative Accessory of the Year Award Recipient


  • Available for download through the iTunes® App Store and Google Play™
  • Compatible with Apple® iOS 4.3 and up; Android™ 2.2 and up
  • Control the ThermaSol steam shower system or ThermaSol Bluetooth® enabled Serenity Light & Music System from an array of smartphone and tablet devices
  • Set and control steam shower preferences for multiple users
  • Activate steam and monitor current room temperature from anywhere within the home’s WiFi range.
  • Set steam shower time sessions
  • Set desired steam session temperature
  • Select from a dozen light settings, ranging from a soothing mood light or bright shower light to one of the preset chromatherapy chakras for the ultimate personal shower experience
  • Adjust volume in light and music mode
  • Adjust bass, midrange, and treble
  • Access all available diagnostic and maintenance features of ThermaSol products

To download the Solitude Mobile App click on one of the links below:


Solitude Mobile Application