ThermaSol Introduces the Next Generation of In-Shower Products

7″ LCD Touchscreen Controller, Rain Head With Integrated Light and Sound and a Visualization Enhancement Bring Home Spa Experience to the Next Level

ROUND ROCK, TX – ThermaSol®, the leader in steam technology for commercial and residential use is bringing the residential home spa experience to the highest level with the introduction of three next generation products. The products; the ThermaTouch In-shower 7” LCD touchscreen controller, Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head and the visualization shower enhancement named Tranquility each work to bring the steam shower and home spa experience to levels previously unavailable except in the most luxurious spas.

“We have long believed in utilizing the best technology to enhance what is essentially a very personal experience,” explains Mitch Altman, CEO of ThermaSol. “With these new products and experiences, we have elevated the home spa to its highest level and our hope is that homeowners will understand that at ThermaSol, we extol the physical and emotional aspects of the home spa experience. Our mission has always been to promote wellness through the benefits of steam and the steam shower experience. I think these products really accomplish that.”

The ThermaTouch in-shower 7” LCD touchscreen controller combines several new technologies in one in-shower device. So much more than a controller, ThermaTouch allows the user to access and personalize all aspects of their shower and steam environment, from steam duration, temperature setting, individual memorized presettings to Tranquility, a new visualization and sound effect experience, used in conjunction with the new Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head – introduced herein. The Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head provides a unique combination of mood lights, chromatheray and in-shower lighting, sounds and relaxing video scenes to create a shower (or steam) experience unlike any other. ThermaSol’s technology integration creates a “plug-and-play” network making adding equipment or modules simple as ThermaTouch only recognizes the modules installed. Simply, if the function or feature is not part of the installed system, the display will not show the information to the user. Because of the high resolution LCD touchscreen, options and adjustment menus are displayed in vivid graphics and images, making the user interface simple, intuitive and enjoyable. Never before has there been a controller that so seamlessly performs so many functions. It is the largest, brightest and most advanced ‘in-shower’ controller on the market today.

ThermaTouch in-shower 7” LCD touchscreen controller offers:*
• 7” in-shower LCD touchscreen controller
• Complete control of ThermaSol steam generator (when installed in system)
• Operates Tranquility mode (Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head or in-shower speakers are required for sound)
• Operates Chromatherapy mode
• Operates Mood lights and shower light

Features include:
• Built-in Infrared Temperature Sensor (ITS) patent pending
• Date and time display
• Set steam session temperature
• Set steam shower time sessions
• Set and control preferences for two users and a guest
• Recall of previous settings
• Access diagnostic maintenance feature
• Compatible with Solitude Wireless Module
• Operates steam generator Auto PowerFlush™
• Operates with Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head
• Built-in Bluetooth®
• Sound settings include volume, treble, mid-range and bass
• Stereo audio output
• Ethernet connection
• Powered by Android™

*ThermaTouch with Tranquility and/or with Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head can be installed without a ThermaSol steam generator.

ThermaSol’s Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head provides a unique combination of high-performance LED color mixes to create different ambiances as well as bright shower lighting, sound delivered via its speaker ensemble and rain spray – all in a self-contained module and is controlled by ThermaTouch. Working with most shower valves or systems on the market (not provided by ThermaSol), the ceiling mounted fixture gives users the ability to create a personal experience and environment for the ultimate in relaxation through the creative use of light, sound and falling water. ThermaTouch’s built-in Bluetooth® enables the user to pair their own Bluetooth media device so they can enjoy music anywhere in the bath space within the home’s WiFi range. The module provides:

• Ceiling mounted light, sound and rain head environment system all in a single self-contained module
• Rain head shower delivers a gentle falling water sensation through two rows of 82 easy-clean neoprene jets (rated at 2.0 GPM)
• Total estimated luminous flux at full brightness is 684 lumens
• Preset chromatherapy mode is based on chakras and holistic wellness practices
• Mood light mode generates a soothing spectrum of gradual change
• High-performance trilinear sub-woofer with high frequency drivers and a high efficiency class D amplifier
• Sound settings include volume, treble, mid-range and bass
• Voice Response Feedback
• Two RCA audio inputs
• Compatible with new Solitude WiFi Module 2.0
• Built-in Bluetooth®
• Requires user provided shower system
• Requires ThermaTouch in-shower 7” LCD touchscreen controller

Tranquility Feature Highlights:
ThermaSol’s Tranquility Scenes offer relaxing environments to help put the mind and body at ease. With the Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head and the ThermaTouch LCD touchscreen controller, Tranquility creates a totally immersive steam shower experience with 9 pre-programmed natural sounds, lighting and visualization scenes.

The engineers and designers at ThermaSol worked with spa professionals and specialists to select, review and create the most ideal scenes and sounds – all in their quest to provide users with the best effects and the best experience from each scene.

The nine pre-programmed scenes are:

Cascading Waterfall
The pulsing sound of a waterfall cascading down mossy green cliffs.

Mountain Stream
The gentle babbling of a pristine river flowing through the wild mountainside.

Ocean Voyage
A journey into the relaxing blue waters of the tropics.

Island Getaway
Lush palm trees gently swaying as crystal blue waves wash in.

Golden Sunset
Watch the sunset’s beautiful golden rays glimmer off the ocean’s waters.

Beach Zen
A meditative experience on a sandy beach under clear skies with peaceful waves washing to shore.

Crackling Fireplace
Watch the hypnotic crackling fire as its gentle flames dance in the dark.

Spring Forest
Walk through the forest with brilliant sunlight filtering down through the trees.

Chromatherapy Feature Highlights:
A high performance LED light system delivers gradually changing color palettes and 7 chromatherapy presets matching up with the body’s chakras.

With the release of these next generation home spa, in-shower products, ThermaSol has effectively raised the bar on what homeowners can and should expect when they design and build new, or retrofitted steam shower environments in their homes.